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One of the interesting things about Minecraft is that players can receive valuable and worthy items such as enchanted tools, armor, diamonds, emeralds, and more. However, putting these valuables in treasure chests out in the open can result in other players taking them or creepers possibly blowing them up if they are outside a house.

Something Minecraft players can do is hide their valuables in a hidden chest that can only be opened by a secret door, which they can build either outside or in their house.

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These hidden rooms and doors can be activated in various ways, such as switches and doors or hidden doors behind paintings. But there is a way to use hidden piston doors, hiding anything players want, from valuables to fuel to rooms.

Creating hidden piston doors in Minecraft

To build hidden piston doors in Minecraft, players need to have ten piston blocks laid out precisely as the image above shows, with two 2×2 stacks facing each other, then one 1×2 stack to form an “L” shape on each.

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They must ensure the green sides face each other, else the doors will not work. There also needs to be two blocks of space between the stacks, which will act as the door.

Next, users can fill in the empty space with blocks that match the piston doors, such as cobblestone, and blend it with the piston blocks. This will make the stack “complete” and should hide the green sides completely.

It will look as if players have two stacks of blocks rather than the “L” shape now.

After that, gamers need to build a somewhat arch over the two stacks, complete with a ceiling. They must be sure to leave a space of two blocks high between the stacks, which will be the door.

Other than the two-block high space, the walls and ceiling should cover completely. Minecraft characters are roughly two blocks high, so making sure the space of the door is two blocks high is essential.

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To finish, they may place four Redstone repeaters on the top of the building with Redstone powder connecting all of them, much like in the image below. If they are not set up correctly, they will not work or connect to each other, causing the next step not to work.

Image via Minecraft

After adding in the Redstone and Redstone repeaters, players should not forget to put levers on either side of the door to open and close it without drawing attention. Now, their valuables are safely hidden from the rest of the Minecraft world.

Hidden piston doors can be a little tricky to build, but practice makes perfect. Soon, all the Minecraft home bases may be hidden thanks to the doors.

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