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A Detailed Guide to RaidingBy HacksRUsIntroductionGood Evening GentlemenIt is just one week after the factions reset with the final maps of mars and apollo being separate servers. TNT was enabled at 2PM today as the grace period was over and we started the season nicely with a 2.3 million raid. This guide will cover strategies and techniques for raiding. We have all been in our base cowering as the big bad power-fac blasts through your walls with a wall remover. Now its time to be on the side that presses the button.Finding the Right BaseFinding a good base to raid is very important and will make up for at least thirty percent of your raid's success. A base that is too small will be a waste of time and a corner base cannot be breached with a leinadarcher. I see noobs trying to cannon 20+ walls with a 420 and they run out of tnt after 8 shots. The best bases are not when you go /wild. A good base to raid would either be anywhere on the moon or near the border in all three worlds. The moon is the most popular world to build a base, followed by the overworld, end, and nether. After you have taken a world download to see what Y level to shoot at (spawners, chest room), select a location to build your cannon. Choose the least amount of buffer chunks if possible and line up your cannon with your technique of raiding (left shooting, reversing, wall removing) and make sure that when you fire the final shot you are where you need to be.Building the CannonCannoning can seem intimidating and it is on mineheores, but that adds to the challenge of factions. Some timings do not work as well but with some hard work you will be able to use a fully functional cannon. Kit Raid is super useful because not only does it provide essential cannoning supplies every TWO days, it also gives 5000 TNT to the f vault. That gives a pseudo nuke around 10 shots. You might want to build a cannon box if you are raiding an active factions or even a fusion. Note that the defenders can printer-patch walls and a smaller firing delay or an auto might help. If you are shooting at a long range, get allies or other members to help or have an alt to load chunks back at the cannon. Remember that TNT are entities and you do NOT want to fire a cannon three seconds before clearlag happens.DefencesA single cannon can bust most defences without adjusting since regen walls do not work anymore. For regular cobblestone, sand, and obsidian walls, fire the cannon as normal. Cegg slab and trapdoor filters. Obsidian filters will require a slab guider to go through. Cannoning is not hard, it just takes time.

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Get allies to help and be patient for breaching the final wall will be a large reward.Raiding Inside the BaseOnce inside you will need to pay attention to two items of movement: one way falls and enderpearls. Since you cannot sethome inside enemy territory (surely you have enemied the faction you are raiding) every fall you take is a one way journey. You can enderpearl back up but this can be difficult. Enderpearls can also get you trapped or glitched in blocks. Invisibility potions cannot be bought from /shop and must be self brewed. There are two levels of invisbility: invisibility 1 and 2. Invisibility 1 lasts longer as it can be combined into an eight minute potion but leaves particles. Invisibility 2 leaves no particles but only lasts for 1:30 so frequent reapplications are necessary. Move your way through the base. One thing I like to do is to empty every single chest, either popping them with a cegg or having an alt take all the loot and dump it for clearlag. When you reach spawners, you can either cegg them or cannon them. They have a 70% drop rate so do not worry about them blowing up. Be careful as players from the faction you are raiding may come online during the raid. Its always good to raid with allies but they may also steal the loot for themselves.ExploitsYou can exploit into a base which is perfectly within the rules. Here are some common exploits to look for:1. Dry/Unwatered walls. Cobblestone can be easily cegged. If the base builders have left a corner or a section of their base dry, attempt to cegg inside with it.2. Reraiding a base is using a hole left by another cannon and finding an area that the basebuilders have not patched yet or have left dry due to sand stack removal etc.3. Dry reversing a base is cannoning just a few blocks below the walls to avoid hybrid shots and then reversing into the main area or just straight cannoning into it. This exploit is mainly found on noob bases that are poorly genned.ConclusionI hope that this guide has transformed you from the noobs in a factions called iRaids currently outside my base trying to cannon 20 walls with a 420 into raiders who mean buisness.Interesting Fact: Sr. Mod Lobsided was under my base with Olympus while I was writing this. I was watching them with invis and even shot them with arrows a few times while invis. They never found me


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