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Starter bases in Minecraft are one of the most important early game structures to build if the player is looking to defend himself from all the ferocious mobs hunting them in survival or hardcore mode.

An essential starter base should at least have a bed, chests and barrels for storage, furnaces for cooking and smelting, an enchanting room and easy-to-grow farms like wheat and carrots.

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Minecrafters who play on survival multiplayer servers can often get their resources stolen by other players on the server. In order to prevent this from happening, players can make a secret base.

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Steps for building a secret starter base in Minecraft

A secret starter base in Minecraft must have a secret entrance that other players cannot spot.

Making the entrance

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Players can easily make a simple hidden entrance using the following items:

  • 4 Sticky pistons
  • 7 Redstone dust
  • 4 Redstone repeater
  • 1 lever
  • Hoe

Steps for making the entrance:

Step 1: To make the entrance, players need to find a flat land with an elevated layer next to it.

Redstone contraption(Image via Minecraft)

Step 2: They need to make a Redstone contraption as shown above. The Redstone repeaters have to be set to three ticks.

Step 3: Cover the redstone and pistons using dirt blocks.

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Step 4: Cover the lever with a dirt block and use a hoe to change the dirt block in front of the lever into farmland. Players can access the lever through the gap between the farmland and dirt block above the lever.

Making the starter base

Starter bases in Minecraft are generally made of any block that the player desires. If the player decides to build a starter base very early, they might not have many resources at hand.

Building the base entirely depends on what the player wants to do with the items they have acquired so far. A starter base can be made of dirt with multiple storage rooms, bedrooms, smelters and farms. Players must place torches inside their base to prevent mobs from spawning.

Farms can be made in starter bases by placing dirt blocks and tilting them using a hoe to get farmland. There needs to be one block of water in a four-block radius. Players can then place their seeds on the farmland.

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