5 Awesome Mob Inspired Banners And How To Make A Sheep Banner In Minecraft

Banners are great decorative blocks that allow you to add your own personal flair to a base, home, or even your shield! 

These banners can be designed, colored, and changed in a variety of ways to make it personable to what you want in your world. Banners can make anywhere feel like a home base, allowing players to claim their territory.

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Required Materials to Craft a Banner:

The materials you will need in order to craft a banner are:

2 Logs6 Wool2 Iron

How to Make a Banner in Minecraft?

In a Nutshell:

To make a banner, fill the first six slots with your wool. Then place your stick in the middle-bottom slot. To make a coloured variant, use wool of the color of your choice You have completed making the banner, now move it to your inventory. 

Step-by-Step Guide(with Pictures):

Here is the step-by-step pictorial guide you need to follow to make a banner in minecraft:


To make a banner, the first block you will need is a crafting table. Crafting tables can be made with wooden planks, the conversion of logs in Minecraft. To convert logs into wooden planks, simply place them in a single slot of your survival inventory crafting table as demonstrated below.

Once the logs are converted into wooden planks, you can then progress to making a crafting table. This guide explains more about how to make a crafting table.



You will need a crafting table to make the banner once you have made your sticks and collected your wool..


To make sticks, place two blocks of the left over wooden planks above each other on either the left or right side of the square, as shown below.

Now that you have your sticks, you can proceed to collect your wool.

Wool can be found on sheep in Minecraft, and you can use shears to collect that wool. A single sheep can produce infinite amounts of wool over time, but will only give out from 1-3 pieces each time they are sheared. 

Shears are a tool created using two pieces of iron, and can be made as shown above. Simply place two iron ingots diagonally from each other in the survival inventory crafting table.

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Now that you’ve made your shears, they’re ready for use!

After finding a sheep, you can right-click the sheep with the shears to collect the sheep’s wool without hurting the mob itself. 

If there are other sheep in the area, you can shear those sheep too, but if you only have the one by you, you can just wait for it to eat some grass. 

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When a sheep eats grass, its wool gets regenerated and grows back.

Once you have a minimum of 6 pieces of wool, you can place down your crafting table to start crafting.

In the crafting table, fill the first six slots with your wool. Then place your stick in the middle-bottom slot, like shown below. This will create the banner.


Congratulations! You have created a banner. You may now go around and decorate your world with them; you can even use a loom to color and design them.


Explainer Video

FAQs on Banner in Minecraft

Q. How do you color a banner in Minecraft?

There are two ways to color banner in Minecraft. You can either replace the white wool in this tutorial with wool of the color of your choice, or you can combine a white banner with the dye color of your choice in a crafting table.

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Q. What does the ominous banner do?

The ominous banner, by itself, doesn’t do anything. However, to acquire an ominous banner, you must kill a patrol pillager, aka the pillager captain. This will give the player the bad omen effect, meaning that the moment they step into a village, a raid will begin that they must fight. 

Q. Do Pillager banners attract pillagers?

No, they do not attract pillagers. They are almost like a token of honor to display that you have beaten a raid successfully.



Congratulations! You have now succeeded in making a banner! You can use the loom to further customize your banner to your liking, adding stripes and designs to your heart’s content. Banners are purely decorative blocks, but a lot of professional builders use them as curtains for windows, pillows for couches (they do this by placing the banner in a hollow block beneath a stair,) and many more! Have fun!

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