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Somepoint you might not know about me: I am a Minecraft addict. I usually play the Feed The Beastern version through the boy, yet we went back to vanilla Minecraft freshly to attempt it out considering that it has loads of brand-new updates! One of my first vanilla tasks wregarding make a pretty medieval style house - I"ve always wanted one.

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This medieval Minecraft home is based off a residence I found digital a few months back (and also currently can not uncover aobtain to attach nooooo) - I dropped in love instantly! Once I started structure it I realized it was also the perfect dimension for everything I needed.

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Years back as soon as I first started playing, I"d either use a town as a base or build multiple structures to house everything but this home solves all those problems. NOW IT"S ALL IN ONE PLACE AND SEXY AS ALL GET OUT.

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I"ve got an additional variation of this medieval residence on the survival civilization the boy and I have actually been playing - it took probably a day to develop in survival. I really indicate doing this one in imaginative - it took just two hours that way! :D

This medieval Minecraft home includes:

full basement consisting of heaters, several chest storage, craft table and also anvil space, and also access to a mining shaft.major floor via several chest room + craft table spacesecond floor via fully functioning enchantment table + room and potion impending areatop floor through room for armor stands and also beds, and a walk out balcony for sniping enemies in the morningoptional stable enhancement to store your sophisticated horses nearby

The texture packs displayed in this tutorial are Chroma Hills RPG (during the building) and also Triton Core V2. (for the finished photos) Both are 64x and AWESOME. If you"ve gained an older computer system that has actually a hard time through 64x, I very recommfinish Dokucraft - it comes in numerous flavors and also it"s gorgeous also at 16x and 32x.

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Step 1: Materials Needed


Here are the blocks I offered for this residence, broken up by area - simply to provide you an principle of all the things you should gather if you develop it in survival. :)

Key floor:

oak trunkscobblestonerock brick stairscracked stone bricksglass panesbirch planksiron barsdoor of choiceSecond and top floors:

oak trunkswhite wool (or birch trunks - they look nice too!)birch planksglass panesstone brick slabsiron barsdoor of choiceRoof:

acacia lumber planksacacia lumber stairsglass blocksDecorative blocks for the outside:

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