How To Make A Snowman Minecraft : Snow Golem, How To Make A Snowman In Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that is full of cool things that some players may not even know about. This article is for all snow lovers! One of the things in Minecraft that players can do is build snowmen!

The snowmen in Minecraft are like an in-game replica of a real-life snowman except, the ones in Minecraft can move! In Minecraft, snowmen are called “snow golems”, and when they walk around they leave a frosty snow trail behind them.

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Players should make sure snowmen are kept inside of a safe place that is suitable enough for them to survive. They will take damage from water or heat, and should not be placed in the nether, desert, or jungle biomes without a fire resistance potion.

In this article players will learn all about how to build a snowman and where to find the resources!

What players need to create a snow block in Minecraft

Snow blocks


Players will need to acquire two snow blocks to build the body of a snowman. Snow blocks can be obtained in the freezing biomes and snowy biomes. Players should be careful when mining them because snow blocks are fragile in Minecraft.

Like glass, snow blocks will need to be mined with a shovel enchanted with silk touch or it will break. Players may also craft them using four snowballs. When snow blocks are mined without a shovel enchanted with silk touch, it will drop one snowball per block.


Carved Pumpkin

The carved pumpkin will make the head of the snowman. Carved pumpkins are one of the items in Minecraft that cannot be crafted on a crafting table. Pumpkins are very easy to find in Minecraft. They are mostly found in extreme hill biomes or plains biomes.

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In order to carve a pumpkin players will need to craft a pair of shears. Shears are pretty easy to make in Minecraft hence they do not require a lot of material to craft. In order to craft shears, players will just need to place two iron ingots inside of the crafting menu.

Using the shears, players will need to position their pointer onto the pumpkin and select the carve option using whatever button is assigned on the platform they are using.


Jack O Lantern


Players may also use a Jack O Lantern to place as the head of the snowman. Jack O Lanterns makes the head of the snowman look a little cooler than just a regular carved pumpkin. Players will need to gather a torch and a carved pumpkin to create a Jack O Lantern.

Making this item is pretty easy, players will need to place the carved pumpkin and torch into the crafting menu, then the Jack O Lantern will appear on the finished slot on the right of the crafting table.

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How to put the snowman together

Once players have all of the required resources to create the snowman, it is pretty easy from here.

Players will just need to place one snow block on the ground, then place the other on top, then place the Jack O Lantern or carved pumpkin on top then the snowman will come to life!

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