you have the right to consider me new to GIMP. I"ve tried by holding Change vital, have the right to draw directly line however I want a right horizontal/vertical line. So, How deserve to I attract directly vertical/horizontal line?




I would certainly develop a horizontal (or vertical) overview were you want the line (via the food selection Image/Guides/New Guide), then usage the path tool (shortreduced B).

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Click on the overview where you desire the initially suggest of the segment, then click wright here you desire the second point of the segment. The guide will certainly encertain the two points are aligned.

When done, click on "Stroke Path" in the tools pane and pick the paint tool you desire the line draw via.

Conversely you deserve to collection the grid with the proper size and use the path tool aacquire. I choose guides as they are even more functional, but it relies on what you are drawing.

You will not have the ability to modify the line after it has been attracted as GIMP deals with bitmap images only.

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answered Dec 26 "15 at 16:16

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