About to release my sever in a few days, “Freaking Factions”.. Most Factions servers are quite bland, and I was wanting to make mine a bit original, and different than all the others out there. Is anyone able to possibly give me some tips to running, and obtaining a successful server? Maybe even come onto my server and let me know how it looks? Thanks!


I'm going to be 100% completely honest and say, the #1 tip to running a successful server is to not run Factions. My first server was factions and we had maybe 3 consistent players. My second/newer server switched over to a much simpler approach that wasn't beaten to death, Towny, and we now have AT LEAST 20 regular players.

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My biggest piece of advice is to make a beautiful spawn, thats what drew my players in. If you don't have the artistic skills to make one, just copy and paste one off of schematics.

Not to mention that factions can cause a lot of hostality between players and probably some permanent ragequitting after getting raided.

I think one of the best tips on how to run a server is to communicate with the players. Just saying hello and goodby can already help you building an active playebase. (You have to put in more effort than only that though xD)

My faction server that was actually my first server had less than 5 people online for the past 6 months. My towny server had 10-20 online, sometimes hitting 30.

Everyone always says “You MUST have a beautiful spawn.” I'm trying a different approach, tell me what you think. It's kind of the opposite. I'm going to have players spawn randomly throughout a gigantic griefed downtown city. Basically like the apocalypse. It will be a challenge to escape the rubble and climb down the 256 block tall towers and players will not have a spawn or home command. I'm going to let players grief the city even further by not protecting it (except no lava flow or tnt in the spawn city). I figured if I built a large enough apocalyptic city no amount of grief could really affect it. The major challenge would be when you die you randomly spawn in one of the griefed buildings and must escape every time.

How does that sound?

Damn.. I've seen lots of factions servers that have much flaws and I'm just looking to make an amazing one that corrects all of those

ignore spawn. Make the starter kit have food. Make the spawn protection a few hundred blocks.

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Make a wall with A sign with a link to a website or subwtbblue.com.

Let your users make their own towns. No need for spawn city.

Teamspeak/mumble helps players and staff communicate

I agree with some of this:

Players should get some starting equipment. Just basic stuff so they don't starve to death in the first hour or have to wander 2k blocks to find their first tree.

I would say spawn is actually pretty important and unless the spawn is actually a couple hundred blocks big, you don't need spawn protection to be that big. Again with the wandering around before they can even start playing the game.

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