Minecraft: How To Make A Trampoline In Minecraft : 12 Steps (With Pictures)

Minecraft Bedrock players earn the “Trampoline” achievement by bouncing 30 blocks upwards off a slime block

Slimes are bouncy and oozy hostile mobs that can be found in swamps and certain uncommon underground chunks known as slime chunks. Killing a slime mob can reward players with useful items known as slimeballs.

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These balls can then be transformed into a slime block, once players have acquired nine in total. Slime blocks can be rather nifty, allowing players to jump up to some rather extreme heights.

Minecraft Bedrock players are able to earn an achievement by using a slime block to jump upwards a height of 30 blocks.

This article breaks down how Minecraft Bedrock players can obtain a slime block, and utilize it to obtain the “Trampoline” achievement.

Minecraft Achievement Guide: Trampoline


Once players have acquired the nine slimeballs that they need, they can be used to make a slime block at a crafting table.

Now that players have a slime block, they can begin to prepare for their legendary bounce to earn the achievement. In order to get a bounce height of over the required threshold, Minecraft players are going to need to utilize their falling velocity.

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This means that players are going to need to build a tower that is a height of about 90 blocks tall to jump off of onto the slime block. The higher height that Minecraft players jump from onto the slime block, the higher they will be able to bounce.

Minecraft players are essentially maintaining a portion of their momentum from the fall, propelling themselves upward higher off the bouncy slime block.

Once Minecraft players have built the tower and are standing on top of it, they will just need to jump successfully onto the slimeblock. This jump can be a bit tricky, so players should be sure to store valuable items before attempting it.

Minecraft players should use a normal jump onto the slime block, as using sneak will cause players to fall to their deaths. Also, players need to make sure that they hit the middle of the slime block exactly. Hitting or clipping the side of the slime block instead can also result in death instead of a bounce.

To make the jump easier, Minecraft players can also build additional slime blocks to place down. This will increase the size of the target they players need to jump on, thus making earning the achievement a whole lot easier.

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Minecraft Bedrock players will earn the “Trampoline” achievement once they successfully make the jump and bounce off a slimeblock upwards for over 30 blocks in height.

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