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This is a complex but well worth it redstone vending machine. You put a emerald in the bottom and click on the button below the item frame to get what”s in the item frame.

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Inspired by Mr. Crayfish

You will need

Hoppers redstone dust redstone torches redstone repeaters redstone comparators 4 beds 63 emeralds chests droppers dispensers fireworks sticky pistons blocks of redstone buttons ladders 3 item frames 3 different items block of choice (besides redstone block)

First choose one of the 3 block long sides to be your front. In the bottom middle of the front, place a chest and put 2 hoppers on top (PS you’ll have to crouch to place the hoppers). Then, place 2 block going from the chest to the back. On the block closest to the chest place a redstone comparator and in front of it a redstone repeater(make sure they’re facing the right way).

For this step place a block in front of the redstone repeater, one block above the ground, and place redstone dust beneath it.

Go to the front of the machine and place a block in the back bottom left corner and place a redstone torch on the side facing the front. Go on the block you just made and place a redstone repeater in front of the redstone torch. In front of the repeater place a block and put redstone dust on top.

Go to the front and on the right side of the comparator, place a block of redstone with redstone dust on it.

For this step, right click on the hopper closest to the chest and put your 63 emeralds in the first slot and your beds in the other four.

Put a block on both sides of the top hopper. Then, build up 2 higher on each block and put one in the top middle leaving a one block gap in the middle.

On the top row of blocks you just made, place three buttons on the front and place a row of blocks behind the “n” shape you made making a stair like shape and place repeaters facing the back on top of that row.

On top of the new redstone torches place a row of blocks. On the blocks right below the new set of blocks, place a row of redstone repeaters that should light up.

Above the non-lit repeaters, place a row of blocks. On top of that row, place a row of redstone torches.

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For this step, go to the front and place a row of blocks on top of the row with buttons. Place a row of droppers facing the front and put ladders on the front of that.(PS to place the ladders you’ll need to crouch.)

First, place block on the right side of the 2 rows you just made and place redstone dust on that. Then, place a redstone torch on the block next to it on the side facing the back. Then, place 2 comparators facing the way shown with redstone dust in the back right corner and a repeater next to it in the way shown.

First, place a sticky piston with the sticky side to the front then place a block of redstone on the sticky side.

Go to the redstone block attached to the piston and dig down 2 block right to the left. Go in that hole and dig one block in the same direction. Run redstone dust up it and the place one on the block to the right of the one block deep space. Build a block over the 2 deep space and one to the back. Run the redstone up that and across the row you made earlier closest that’s to the back .

On the side of the block over the 2 deep space facing the front, place a redstone torch. To the left of it, place a sticky piston facing the front. place a block on the sticky side.

Place a repeater on the left side of the new redstone facing the way shown. Next, dig out the block in front of the repeater, the one under the block the sticky piston is holding, and the one to the right of the repeater.

For this step, run redstone dust through the hole you just dug and place a block to connect the redstone to the block with the redstone torch on it.

In between the droppers and the buttons, place a row of item frames. Right clicking on the item frames with something in your hand will put it in the item frames as shown.

Now, fill the droppers with items. The dropper above the item frame should drop the same item that’s in the item frame beneath it.

For this step, you’ll need to place a row of dispensers facing up over the row of un-lit redstone torches.

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seems easy enough, and i could do it without instructions, i know how to make a starters themed door!

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