How To Make An Item Elevator In Minecraft, Quick And Easy: Minecraft Item Elevators

Step 1: Building the Elevator (If My Instructions Are Too Hard to Follow, Use This Video I Got the Idea From : Https://

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First you need to make a L shape as shown above. make sure the L is 7 blocks long with 1 extra block as a corner. The L must be one block into the ground and made of Packed Ice. Packed Ice is like regular ice but it does not melt, and items move on it very quickly. It can be found in the Ice Plains Spikes biome. After you have done that, place a bucket of water on the corner. At the bottom of the L, add 2 glass blocks and 2 fences. The glass can be any color, but here I am using black and red stained glass. Build a cross on top of that, also out of glass. It can be as tall as you like it, but I recommend it to be at least 10-15 blocks tall. Once you have done that, we will move on to the next step, but first make sure the Elevator works. If it does not, refer to the video in the title for help.

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Start by making a 9 by 9 platform around the glass. Then extend the glass up 4 blocks, so we can have enough room for the hoppers. Make the top of the glass a 3 by 3 square so we can collect all of the items. Place down hoppers so that way they all go to one single hopper (Information of how to position hoppers here Once you have done that, place a chest in front of the final hopper, and place a hopper underneath that chest, facing downward. Then place a furnace underneath the hopper so that the hopper connects into the furnace. Add another hopper facing into the right side of the furnace and place a chest on top if it. This will be your coal input, so fill the chest with coal. You will have to refill the coal chest every once in a while, so make sure you have a way back to it. Put 2 hoppers underneath the furnace facing to the left, into a dropper.

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Make a loop of redstone going into the dropper, and on the other side put a comparator on so that the side with 1 torch points away from the dropper, and right click it so that the torch glows. Place a repeater in front of the comparator and then loop the redstone dust together so that when an item goes into the dropper it is automatically shot out. next go down as close to the ground as you want down the hole you made and place a hopper so that the hopper collects the items coming out. Point the hopper into a chest and conceal the hopper if you would like. After that you are done, and you can start using the machine! I concealed the top of the machine, and if you do make sure to light it up so no mobs spawn. That would be it for the tutorial!

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