how to make an xp farm in minecraft java edition

Experience farms, also known as XP farms, are among the most efficient ways to gain levels in Minecraft and are, therefore, very useful for repairing tools and enchanting.

There are a variety of ways to build an XP farm, such as creating a large dark room in which hostile mobs spawn and can be killed, or building a farm around an existing mob spawner, as found in a dungeon.

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Mob spawners make for much quicker XP farming than other methods, due to the increased rate at which mobs spawn.

While there are many different ways to make XP farms, this article provides one method in which Minecraft players can quickly and easily gain levels using mob spawners to create an XP farm.

Building a Minecraft XP farm using spawners

Step #1 – Gather materials

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Basic materials needed to build this XP farm are a pickaxe, any kind of building blocks, two water buckets, and one chest.

Contrary to popular belief, mob spawners cannot be mined in survival mode, even with a silk touch pickaxe. This means that in a survival world, the only way to create an XP farm that uses a spawner is to build it around an existing spawner.

In a Minecraft world with cheats turned on, many players who find mob spawners will break them, obtain that same spawner via commands, and place them wherever they please. The command used to do this is “/give [PLAYER NAME] minecraft:spawner”.

If using this method, remember to also get a spawn egg of the preferred mob from the creative inventory and click on the spawner with it, otherwise no mobs will spawn.

Step #2 – Locate a dungeon

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View more: how do you make hay in minecraft

For an authentic survival XP farm, players must locate a dungeon. Dungeons are naturally spawned structures that can show up almost anywhere in typical Minecraft worlds. They are surrounded by cobblestone or mossy cobblestone, often containing a chest or two with a few useful items, and most importantly, a zombie or skeleton spawner.

There are additional spawners to locate that players could use, such as silverfish spawners found in the Stronghold and cave spider spawners found in abandoned mineshafts, however those types of mobs are much less useful for creating an XP farm in Minecraft.

Step #3 – Build the room

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View more: how do you make hay in minecraft

Now that a mob spawner has been located, the next step toward generating XP is building a structure that allows for mobs to spawn as efficiently as possible while damaging them significantly.

First, build a room that is centered around the designated spawner. This room will be ten blocks across and ten blocks tall. Ideally, the spawner will be located at one of the two center blocks of this room. The goal here is to make a cube-shaped room that has enough space for mobs to spawn quickly.

Step #4 – Create the drop

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View more: how do you make hay in minecraft

After the ten block cube is complete, the next step, and possibly the most important one, is to ensure the mobs get hurt enough so that they can be killed in a single hit.

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While this can be done in a variety of ways, the most simple way is to use buckets of water to force mobs to drop down a hole that is tall enough to inflict significant fall damage on them. This is why spider spawners cannot be used for this build; spiders will not take damage no matter how far they fall.

These water source blocks should be placed in two adjacent corners of the room, which should cause the flow of the water to direct mobs to a single block in the center of the build. From this center block, which is often either directly under the spawner or one block away from it, dig down around eight blocks.

Step #5 – The collection chamber

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View more: how do you make hay in minecraft

Now here’s where the magic happens. Dig forward about three blocks from the hole that mobs will be falling into. This is going to be the area where the XP and mob drops can be collected.

Break the middle of the three blocks that make up the floor of this tiny cavern, making a small dip to remain safe from the vicious attacks of the falling mobs. Above this dip, leave one empty space, and above that space, place any block (glass is recommended because it makes it easier to see the mobs in this chamber).

After placing this block, turn around and mine one more space, then add a staircase to the surface to make this chamber easier to access. Add a chest to put the collected loot into, decorate the area if preferred, and be sure to break any light source blocks around the area.

Once it is dark enough, mobs will spawn into the created chamber. Then, all there’s left to do is have fun killing mobs in just a hit or two while filling up the experience bar faster than ever before.

For some more Minecraft XP farming methods, check out this video on YouTube:

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