how to make an xp farm without a spawner 1.17

The Caves & Cliffs 1.17 update has been released by Mojang, bringing in lots of new content to Minecraft. It has introduced three new mobs to the game and a lot of cave changes.

Players are now creating their new survival worlds in version 1.17 of the game and are looking for good armor and tools to take on the boss mobs: The Ender Dragon and The Wither. In their quest for good armor and weapons, they require XP levels to enchant their gear better.

Reading: how to make an xp farm without a spawner 1.17

And what better way to gain experience than by going AFK? By building an XP farm, gamers can earn experience points just by letting the game run, and this guide will teach them how to build a suitable XP farm.

Building an XP farm in Minecraft 1.17

One of the best farms to build in an early survival world of Minecraft is a mob XP farm, as it only requires common items like cobblestone, trapdoors, slabs, and torches.

Easy mob XP farm

A mob XP farm displayed from above (Image via Minecraft)

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This type of XP farm has a dark chamber where mobs can spawn and drop down because of flowing water. Falling from a specific height leaves them with only enough health to sustain a single hit from players.

Once many mobs have spawned and dropped, gamers can quickly kill them with one hit and gain XP from them.

It is recommended to use a looting 3 and sweeping edge 3 enchanted sword. The looting enchantment will significantly increase the number of experience orbs the mobs will drop. Sweeping edge will make it so that players can kill multiple mobs in a single hit.

Mobs will also drop items like bows, gun powder, rotten flesh, and string. These items will be collected in the chests below so that players can access them whenever necessary.

Steps for building a mob XP farm in Minecraft

  • Set up a storage system using chests and hoppers in a two by two square hole in the ground. Place the chests below and hoppers above them.
  • Place slabs above the hopper so the items can go past the slab inside the chest through the hoppers.
  • Make a 22 block high four-by-four tunnel above the slabs through which the mobs will drop. Players can use cobblestone to build this.
  • Then, they need to make four bridges, one on each side, eight blocks in length, and two blocks wide.
  • Make a wall of 2 blocks around the edges of the bridges.
  • Make a platform connecting all the walls.
  • Make a two-block high wall around the edge of the platform and make a roof above it.
  • Place torches above the roof so that no mobs can spawn on top.
  • Now inside the chamber, place water on the far ends of the bridges that we made earlier and put trap doors on the walls so that the mobs can drop in the flowing water.
  • To be away from the keyboard safely, make a safe spot, preferably 80 blocks above the mob spawning chamber.

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