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A jukebox can be broken using any tool, but an axe is the fastest. Jukeboxes also drop all of their contents.

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Breaking timeDefault










Using a music disc on a jukebox inserts the disc and plays music corresponding to the type of music disc used. Pressing use on the jukebox again ejects the disc and stops any music playing. Music discs play only once before they must be ejected and reinserted. In Bedrock Edition, note particles emit out the top when sound is playing. The sound from the jukebox travels roughly 65 blocks in all directions. It supports all available music discs in the game.

In Bedrock Edition, hoppers and droppers can be used to insert a disc into a jukebox.

Tamed parrots dance when in a 3 block radius from a jukebox that”s playing a disc.

Redstone component

See also: Redstone circuit

Active jukeboxes give off a redstone signal when a redstone comparator is placed directly behind it or through an adjoining block; its strength depends on the ID of the inserted disc. The following table shows the redstone strength output for each disc.

Power LevelDisc
0 No disc inserted
1 “13”
2 “cat”
3 “blocks”
4 “chirp”
5 “far”
6 “mall”
7 “mellohi”
8 “stal”
9 “strad”
10 “ward”
11 “11”
12 “wait”
13‌ “pigstep”
15‌<1> “pigstep”

In Bedrock Edition, they also emit a redstone signal when any music disc is played inside.


In Bedrock Edition, jukeboxes disable adjacent hoppers when a music disc is playing inside them, due to them emitting a redstone signal. Because the hoppers are re-enabled when the song ends, a system of hoppers can be used to automatically eject and reinsert the disc when it is finished playing, causing it to loop. This no longer works, as jukeboxes give off a redstone signal when there is a disk in the box. Since they do not eject a disk when a song ends, the jukebox keeps emitting a redstone signal, meaning that the hoppers stay locked, preventing this feature from working.


Jukeboxes can be used as a fuel in furnaces, smelting 1.5 items per block.

Note Blocks

Jukeboxes can be placed under note blocks to produce “bass” sounds.

Piston interactivity

Jukeboxes cannot be pushed by pistons. They also cannot be pushed nor pulled by sticky pistons.


Music discs are not included here.

Java Edition:

SoundSubtitleSourceDescriptionNamespaced IDTranslation keyVolumePitchAttenuationdistance Block broken Blocks Once the block has broken block.stone.break subtitles.block.generic.break 1.0 0.8 16 None Blocks Falling on the block with fall damage block.stone.fall None 0.5 0.75 16 Block breaking Blocks While the block is in the process of being broken block.stone.hit subtitles.block.generic.hit 0.25 0.5 16 Block placed Blocks When the block is placed 1.0 0.8 16 Footsteps Blocks Walking on the block block.stone.step subtitles.block.generic.footsteps 0.15 1.0 16

Bedrock Edition:

SoundSourceDescriptionNamespaced IDVolumePitch
? Blocks Once the block has broken dig.wood 1.0 0.8
? Blocks Falling on the block with fall damage fall.wood 0.4 1.0
? Blocks While the block is in the process of being broken hit.wood 0.23 0.5
? Blocks Jumping from the block jump.wood 0.12 1.0
? Blocks Falling on the block without fall damage land.wood 0.18 1.0
? Blocks Walking on the block step.wood 0.3 1.0
? Blocks When the block is placed use.wood 1.0 0.8

Data values


Java Edition:

NameNamespaced IDFormTranslation key
Jukebox jukebox Block & Item
NameNamespaced ID
Block entity jukebox

Bedrock Edition:

NameNamespaced IDNumeric ID FormTranslation key
Jukebox jukebox 84 Block & Item
NameSavegame ID
Block entity Jukebox


DV Description
0 No disc inserted
1 Contains a disc

The associated block entity is used to identify which record has been inserted.

Block states

Java Edition:

Name Default value Allowed values Description has_record

false falsetrue True when the jukebox contains a music disc.

Block data

Block entity dataTags common to all block entities RecordItem: The item, without the Slot tag.Tags common to all items


Java Edition Alphav1.0.14

Java Edition Beta1.6Test Build 3

Java Edition1.0.0Beta 1.9 Prerelease 6






Bedrock Edition1.2.0beta


Legacy Console EditionTU1CU1 1.0 Patch 11.0.1




Added jukeboxes.

Jukeboxes support up to 15 music discs, using their data values: 0 being empty, 1 meaning it contained disc “13”, and 2 meaning it contained disc “cat”. Values 3–15 support any additional discs, though only “13” and “cat” are available in the vanilla game.

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The jukebox now supports more than 15 different music discs, because jukeboxes now have a block entity, which keeps track of the music disc by its item id.
A jukebox no longer uses separate data values.
Jukeboxes are now broken faster using an axe.
Active jukeboxes now give off a redstone signal when a comparator is placed behind it; its strength (1–12) depends on which disc is inserted.
The block entity ID has been changed from RecordPlayer to jukebox.
Parrots now dance to playing jukeboxes.
Prior to The Flattening, this block”s numeral ID was 84.

The texture of jukeboxes has been changed.


Added jukeboxes.


The texture of jukeboxes has now been changed.


Added jukeboxes.

Jukeboxes spit out the music disc when done playing.
The distance jukeboxes can be heard from has now been increased.

The texture of jukeboxes has now been changed.

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