I am trying to make clickable text in Minecraft in the chat box. It was offered in the adventure map, "UP".

The principle is that you are offered an alternative in the text to click, "Yes", or "No". Each word will certainly provide an output of a command.

How is this achieved?

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You can do this using the /tellraw command also. The syntaxes is:

/tellraw For instance, to have a command that activates on click, try running this:

a "text":"Click this!","clickEvent":"action":"run_command","value":"/say Hello!"That has actually a "clickEvent" of form "run_command" via a worth of the command also to be run. There"s the majority of different points you can do with JSON: displaying scoreboard objectives, selectors, items, achievements, entities, various message formatting, etc.

Here"s a more complex command with the Yes/No choice and output you wanted:

p <"","text":"Yes","color":"green","bold":"true","clickEvent":"action":"run_command","value":"/tellraw
p "text":"Confirmed!","color":"green"","hoverEvent":"action":"show_text","value":"text":"","extra":<"text":"Confirm","color":"green">,"text":"/","color":"dark_gray","bold":"false","text":"No","color":"red","bold":"true","clickEvent":"action":"run_command","value":"/tellraw

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p "text":"Cancelled","color":"red"","hoverEvent":"action":"show_text","value":"text":"","extra":<"text":"Cancel","color":"red">>You might want to learn more about the raw JSON text format, or use a JSON generator.




This command will output a message that when clicked on the command /say Hello! will certainly be executed

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