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Minecraft players in the game's Education Edition can enjoy the wonders of chemistry and create elements and isotopes, the scientific building blocks of the natural world.

Elements are typically obtained from two blocks, specifically the element constructor and material reducer. These blocks can be obtained through the Creative Mode inventory in Education Edition but also Bedrock Edition when its “Education Edition” setting is enabled.

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The blocks are also obtainable in Survival Mode through the use of console commands, but are otherwise not obtainable through traditional means. Element constructors and material reducers operate somewhat differently in Minecraft, but they both result in the creation of elements.

Minecraft: Using the element constructor and material reducer

A variety of elements showcased via the Creative Mode inventory (Image via Mojang)

When interacting with an element constructor in Minecraft, the GUI can seem a little confusing at first. To the center players can find an element's atomic structure, while the left side of the window provides sliders for protons, neutrons, and electrons.

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Players can adjust the sliders or input numbers into the left to change the atom's structure, and players are also provided a microscope to the right. Under the microscope is an output slot, where players can remove any created elements. Experimentation is key here, as changing the atomic makeup of the central atom in the constructor will yield different elements.

On the other hand, the material reducer takes Minecraft blocks and deconstructs them into their base elements. When Minecraft players open the material reducer, they're shown a GUI with ten total inventory slots. The center-top slot is the input slot, where blocks can be placed to be broken down.

Once a block is placed, the component elements will be dispensed into the other inventory slots. Once an element is removed, the source block will be removed and the input slot will turn red and not accept further inputs until all elements are removed from the reducer's inventory.

Using the material reducer in Minecraft is the only way to acquire certain elements such as the Unknown element, which can be obtained by breaking down otherworldly Minecraft blocks such as netherrack or soul sand found within the Nether.

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Material reducers even reward players with 100 atoms each time they break down a block using the interface. Just like the element constructor, experimentation is what really counts.

Trying different blocks will yield different elements, so breaking down as many blocks as possible will allow players to receive a wide variety of elements, some of which they couldn't construct otherwise.

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