How To Make F3 Smaller In Minecraft, Adjustable F3/Debug Menu Font Size

Whenever I press F3 I see a long line of words that are covering the coordinates. I”ve tried changing it but nothing will work.

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You have a few options…

1 – Resize your Minecraft window. If you make it wider the text should align better:


2 – Get a resource pack with a decent font (something narrow or smaller). With the text being smaller it should no longer overlap that far.

3 – Not really an option, but if you run Minecraft on a graphics card with less text in its name it would resolve your issue as well.


Reduce GUI Scale or Increase resolution. Your screen space is too small for all of this info to fit.

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Alternatively to dly”s solutions you can also set your GUI scale (in video settings) smaller, then the font in F3 is also smaller. But all other UI elements (like inventories or chat) will be smaller, too.


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