How To Make Floating Ladders In Minecraft 1, How To Make Floating Ladders

I need to know how I can make floating ladders in Minceraft, preferably without Single Player Commands, like the below picture in survival singleplayer. I have MCEdit if this can be done in MCEdit.

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AFAIK you could place the ladders on the blocks and then MCEdit out the blocks. Of course, a block update would make them all fall down. –user28379 Dec 2 “14 at 22:50
It can”t be done in vanilla survival(without commands/external tool/switching version) in my knowledge. However, it is possible with /setblock command due to the current bug in the game which prevents block update(MC-50166).

First, pillar up some blocks with block entity (such as furnaces, dispensers, command blocks, etc.) and attach ladders on them.


Second, stand on top of the pillar and run this command repeatedly until you get to the ground: /setblock ~ ~-1 ~ air. Ignore the error message.


Then you will have truly floating ladders right in front you! Congrats!


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You can add invisible “barriers” and put ladders on them. See this link for more information about them.

It needs at least version 1.8 in order to work.

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To get some barriers:

p minecraft:barrier 64

p stands for the nearest player (which is always you, Note: not in command blocks) and 64 stands for amount.

Also it says,

All dependent blocks can be placed on a barrier, such as trapdoors or redstone.


Barriers are transparent to light.

So you can make somethink look like this all the time, not sure that solid blocks are what you want, but I hope I helped you.

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Put barrier”s on the back of the ladders

To get barrier”s in PE write this command,/give
p barrier

To get barrier”s in Java write this command,/give
p minecraft:barrier

Barrier”s are invisible blocks. When barrier held in hand you can see all the barrier”s you putbut when it is not in your hand they are just plain invisible solid blocks

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