how to make fog in minecraft

What I mean by the “fog effect” is when you placed alternating layers of stained glass on top of each other until it looked like fog. like this picture from google. vvv


Or am I just wrong in assuming this is vanilla Minecraft? Is it a resource pack? or even Optifine?

Đang xem: How to make fog in minecraft

As far as 1.14.1, seems it still works. This video is How you create it, and people in the comments on some videos recently say it still has the same effect.
Please add the information from the video to your post. – Joachim May 19 “19 at 19:06

Heres the way to do it: Select 1 color or glass then make 8 layers of glass and 8 layers of air, alternating between the two. (like the pic above)

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