How To Make Holograms In Minecraft Server, Basic Tutorial

HolographicDisplays allows the Minecraft server owner or staff members to create easy to see and edit displays that can be used to relay information in a clean and timely manner to players. Rather than using the old method of placing hundreds of signs around the spawn area you can now create floating and rotating text graphical displays anywhere you’d like.

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These displays will always face any player looking at them regardless of how many players surround it at once. The main command to get you started is /hd help, this command will display all other commands used to edit or create the displays, another useful command is /hd list command which will show you what displays have already been created.

If you’re interested in configuring the plugin at all there are a few interesting things you can do via the control panel, one of them is the “animations” folder found in the HolographicDisplays folder via your control panel, upon opening you’ll find an “example.txt” file. This is how you create flashing displays or displays that change color rapidly.

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You can create a custom .txt file and upload it here provided you follow the same formatting that is within the example file. In order to use them in a hologram line you’ll need to type something along the lines of /hd addline (hologramName) {animation: example.txt}Your Text Here. this will create a new line of text with animation attached to it. Just one of the many neat features this plugin contains.

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/hd help : Opens the help menu and shows all the main commands/hd create : Creates a new hologram, use different variables to edit it/hd list : Lists all the holograms and where they are/hd edit : Allows editing of any and all holograms, various variables are needed to properly edit/hd info : Gives you all the info about whichever hologram you have selected


This plugin really only has one usage and that is to inform. These boards are much more effective than your regular signs and much more eye catching. Use HolographicDisplays if you want your users to be informed of incoming changes, events, or anything else you believe has value to portray to your users. It’s important as a server owner to display information about the various features of your server in the most accessible and easy way possible and these displays make that easily possible.

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