How To Make Infinite Lava In Minecraft Infinite Lava Source, Infinite Lava Source

I know that you can make infinite water sources, but why not infinite lava sources? It would allow people to be able to have a reliable source of lava to refill buckets that are being used for smelting, have lava for a cobblestone source, or something.

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Because lava buckets can smelt 100 items. If you could make an infinite lava source, you would never need to worry about fuel again. Besides, you can get tons of lava from the nether.

A YouTuber named Antvenom said that just like how the overworld has infinite water, maybe the nether can have infinite lava, this would make going to the nether more useful.

What I find to be great about this is that this used to be a feature in Java, back before all the different versions of were a thing.IIRC, the reason they removed it was because it was becoming a very easy and toxic way of trolling other players. The same way you can create many water source blocks at once, you could do the same with lava and have it spread around someone”s house or other creations.I do like the idea of allowing this to be done in the Nether just like it can be done with water in the overworld. That would be an interesting compromise to this.

I had always thought that the nether had a complete switch of lava mechanics. It flows farther and faster in the nether like water in the overworld so I think it should gain that ability in the nether too. This would keep continuity and would make the nether more dangerous by making the lava even more prevalent. And this can be a nice addition to the new nether update. It will make the nether more livable so adding a little more sense of danger would be good.

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Jhian Gabriel MuhiI know right, it would make the nether cooler and more dangerous because lava would be harder to get rid of and it would make logical sense because of the rate of flow of lava in the nether vs in the overworld. The flow mechanics switch, why no the source mechanics?

Lava already flows as fast and as far as water when in the nether, it should also infinitely be usable and with 1.16 around the corner, this would be a cool update.

This should be a nether exclusive thing just so that it can”t be abused much for its infinite fuel and so that lava lakes don”t end up looking terrible after taking a few buckets of lava

This feature has multiple exploits, two mentioned already in comments; it provides easily accessed and endless fuel, and can be abused to destroy builds. Each exploit could be remedied depending on how this feature is implemented.

The first exploit is its ease of use as a fuel source. The obvious solution is to complicate or debuff lava”s use as fuel; make it unusable or dangerous. Lava may be too hot for a furnace to contain, the player may lose the bucket containing the iron when its used as fuel, it may destroy items being smelted. The first of these ideas may provide opportunity for a netherite furnace enhancement for endgame players, though this is off-topic.

The second exploit is its use in destruction, to cover large areas in lava with minimal effort. This may be countered by limiting generation of these lava sources. Already are suggestions of limiting source generation to the Nether, although this may be taken further to prevent griefing of nether builds. My proposed solution to this is to limit lava generation to the Nether”s ocean level, allowing players to use the lava lakes as a renewable source of lava, but without allowing creation of lava sources above builds.

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These suggestions are of course complicated, and it”s likely better fitting solutions exist. These exploits may even be welcomed by the community, not needing solutions to begin with. Renewable lava, especially in the Nether, is very fitting to the game and I hope it is implemented.

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