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IN computer game “Minecraft” there are various biomes (seasonal locations) in which the weather conditions differ. For example, it can rain in the forest in the role of precipitation, and in cold regions – constant snowfall. Only in the desert there is neither one nor the other. The state of the weather is determined by the current temperature in the region and the absolute altitude. In this article, you will learn how to make snow in Minecraft as a natural phenomenon and a resource for construction.

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Description of snow in the game

Snow falls only in regions where temperatures are below 0.15. At the same time, the light level is greatly reduced to 12 units, and at night – to 4. Snowfall affects only the ground cover – it appears as a layer on all opaque cubes. It should be noted that precipitation in the form of snow does not contribute to extinguishing burning objects. You can make it snow in Minecraft using the console command. Below we will analyze this moment in more detail.

How do I use the command?

For each of the weather phenomena, there is a unique command that allows you to enable or disable precipitation. To do this, open the console line (you can see the key in the control settings) and enter “/ weather rain “. If you are in the winter biome, then immediately it will snow… It will continue for the time that you specified in the command.

You can cancel the weather effect by re-entering the line. Now you know how to make snow with a team in Minecraft.


Replacing textures

The game is so variable that it allows you to replace files yourself. The textures can be completely reworked, as a result of which you will always have snow in the game, even in summer biomes. However, there will be no practical benefit from it, because this is only a new image of winter. Not the best option.

Snow as a resource

You can also make snow in Minecraft and use it for your own purposes. All snow resources and items are divided into:

snowballs; snow blocks; snowflakes; snow layer.

Let”s consider each of the options in more detail.

Snowballs are small balls of compressed material – just like in life. To create this weapon, you need to take a shovel in your hands and break the snow block. Each makes 4 snowballs. They can be thrown like regular stones.

The second option is blocks. They are used in construction. On the contrary, they can be crafted from 4 units of snow, placing them in the form of a square in the item creation window.

Snow slabs are created from 3 blocks in a horizontal row. They can also be used in the construction of winter buildings. The last type of resource that is found in the game is snowflakes falling from the sky during precipitation. They cannot be used in any way in their activities until they form a snow layer on the ground. Its thickness is 1/3 of the whole cube.

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To make snow in Minecraft as a permanent and never-ending resource, you can create a snowman figurine. It is crafted from two snow blocks below and a pumpkin head. The resulting golem will move around your domain, and there will be a trail of white coating behind it. It should be said that this is the only way to make snow in Minecraft an endless resource for building ice castles!

IN Minecraft player can control the weather as it sees fit. This can be done using certain commands entered on the console. Let”s take a closer look at how to change the weather in Minecraft.


IN minecraft game there are only three types of weather – sunny, storm and rain. To irrigate your fields, you need to enter the following command at the console: / weather rain 100. Note that the word rain means rain, and the number 100 is the number of seconds for which this weather is set. In this case, you can set the time at your discretion.


Storm is a weather that is not popular with players. After all, it involves a thunderstorm, which can seriously damage housing and other property. But still, just in case, you should learn how to change the weather for a storm. The following command is indicated in the console: / weather stormy 100.

The sun

Most often, players prefer to set sunny weather. A command of the following type is indicated on the console: / weather sunny 100.

“Minecraft” is a very colorful game, because it has a huge open world, beautiful trees, various and colorful flowers, fireworks and beautiful buildings that are randomly generated. However, the weather can easily ruin the beautiful view. The game “Minecraft” has three different kinds weather phenomena, namely: sunny, rainy and the most unpleasant weather – thunderstorm. During rain or thunderstorms, lightning can strike the house, which will become deadly for the player, or it can start at home, if it is built of wooden blocks. Sometimes you really want to change the weather, and for this there is console commands and individual trainers. The article describes how to change the weather in Minecraft for all three conditions.

Who can change the weather and for how long

The weather can be set very different, and the duration also depends on the player”s choice. On servers, only the main server administrator or the one to whom the same administrator granted the rights can change. It”s very easy, and you use console commands for this. But not all administrators know how to change the weather in Minecraft and how long it will last. On the servers, it often happens that fog appears, and the players are uncomfortable to play, and they demand and ask the administrator to change the weather. But if the administrator does not know these very simple commands, then the players will be disappointed and may leave the server due to the lack of professionalism of the owner. Therefore, every server administrator must know how to change the weather on the Minecraft server.

Plugin to change

In the original “Minecraft” you can change the weather yourself. There shouldn”t be any problems, but it is recommended to install a special plugin that is designed specifically for this case. Having figured out how to install the plugin, you can already ask yourself how to change the weather in Minecraft. You need to go to the server and enter the necessary console commands in order to change it.


Weather change: commands

Everything is already ready, the plugin is worth it. It remains only to enter the command you want… How to change the weather in Minecraft for a long time:

1. After installing the plugin, you need to go to your own server, which has administrator rights, and use the console commands, which are a little lower in the article.

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2. You need to open a chat and enter / weather + mode. That is, if you enter / weather sunny 1000, then the weather will be sunny for a long time, if you enter / weather rain / stormy, then there will already be rain / thunderstorm.

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