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Hoppers introduce a nice way to automate some functions in Minecraft. You can feed a double chest of cobblestone into a furnace and have that furnace lead out into another double chest. Hoppers remove a lot of inputs from the player assuming they have the correct configuration of hoppers to chests. These are incredibly useful and with some creative applications can completely automate the sorting of chests.

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How to make a Hopper in Minecraft

There are two ways you can obtain hoppers in Minecraft. You can craft them yourself or obtain them from breaking a minecart with a hopper.


To craft a hopper you will need five iron ingots, a chest, and a crafting table. Craft a chest with eight wooden planks in a box shape.


Place that chest in the centermost slot of the crafting menu and place five iron ingots in a “V” shape around it.

This is the crafting recipe for a hopper.

From Minecarts

If you place a hopper in a minecart and break the minecart you will obtain the hopper and the minecart as separate entities rather than the minecart with a hopper item.



A hopper has an input and an output. The top of the hopper represents its input, the input can change depending on the player’s preferences. You can place a chest on top of the hopper, a furnace, or any other block with inventory on top of a hopper. You can also throw items at the top of a hopper and the items will be sucked into the hopper’s inventory. The hopper’s output is where the bottom of the hopper is connected to.

Hoppers work from top left to right and down of the chest’s inventory.

Hold sneak and right click on chests to attach the output of the hopper to a chest. You can see the output is connected to the chest by the small piece that juts out of the bottom of the hopper.

Items that the hopper pulls will sit in the hopper inventory until it has an output to push the items out into.

How to use a Hopper in Minecraft

Using hoppers can get quite complicated, but the logic is sound.


The top chest is full of cobblestone and the hopper below it will pull cobblestone out of the chest and feed it into the furnace below it. The furnace will cook the cobblestone and as the resulting stone gets cooked, the hopper below it will pull the stone out of the furnace. Finally this hopper will feed the cooked stone into the chest at its side.

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Ensure that the hoppers have something to pull from and push into. Otherwise it will simply be a glorified chest that only holds five inventory slots.

How to combine a Hopper with Minecart?

To combine a hopper with a minecart simply place the hopper above a minecart in a crafting menu.


This will result in a minecart with a hopper.



A hopper will transfer items from above to below at a rate of 2.5 items per second, not including lag, this means a hopper can transfer 9000 items in an hour or 150 items in a minute.


How do you combine a hopper to a chest?

Hold sneak to prevent opening the chest with right click. With the hopper selected in your hotbar simply hold sneak and right click the chest in order to put the output of the hopper towards the chest. If a chest is placed on top of the hopper it will use that chest as the hopper’s input.

What does Minecart with Hopper do?

A hopper in a minecart will check items above the rail for potential inputs. If you place a chest above the rail the hopper will pull items from that chest. It will not output items, but you can place another hopper below the track to pull from the minecart with a hopper.

Any way to make items go up from a hopper?

You can use a hopper in a minecart to travel upwards, but there is no way to connect only hoppers and go upwards. You can utilize an item elevator made with blocks, water, and fence posts to push items upwards, but this is a separate device from hoppers.

Can a hopper drop items into lava?

A hopper on its own cannot drop items into lava. You can feed the hopper into a dropper that is positioned over lava for an automated incinerator.

Can a hopper feed a furnace?


Yes a hopper will feed items into a furnace. It is not smart enough to detect which items can be fuel or which items are used for smelting and instead places every item it gets in its inventory into the top slot of a furnace. You will have to refuel your furnaces afterwards.

Can hoppers collect XP?

Experience orbs will sit on the top of hoppers and hoppers will not collect experience.

Can you place a hopper upside down?

A hopper can only exist with its input facing up and its output facing down or sideways. You cannot place a hopper upside down.

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How do you speed up a hopper?

You can create a hopper pipe by introducing a sequence of three or more hoppers feeding in a line. This makes it so that a stack of items will push the items twice as fast.

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