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I have a large settlement going in my survival world and want to light up the area so that I don't have to deal with mobs but I hate having torches everywhere.

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How do you illuminate your world? I though about redstone lamps on poles with daylight sensors but I can't ever get them to work on the PS4 edition for whatever reason. Or I was going to bury glowstone and put green carpet over top, but it doesn't match the grass colour close enough.


Unfortunately lighting in Minecraft is pretty crappy and spamming-the-shit-out-of-everything-with-light-sources is the only viably solution if you're not running mods or a server with custom plugins.

I've found that sinking the light source in the ground (lantern/glowstone) and covering it with carpet is a lot less ugly if you sprinkle some bonemeal around it and mask it with tall grass and flowers.

Another trick that works well is to cover it with carpet and then build a “bush” around it with leaf blocks.

There was a recent post on many different kinds of hidden lighting.


You can hide light sources under transparent blocks. To optimize placement, instead of reading the light level values using F3 everywhere, you can use this ressource pack which highlight where the light level is enough to prevent mob spawning.

I always used redstone lamps hidden under slabs (with a small gap between) or threw carpet/leaves ontop of a glowstone block

Pretty sure slabs block the light don't they? It just looks like it goes through due to smooth lighting.

My two favorite methods for lighting up outside areas without ugly torches all over the place is to hide jackolanterns in trees and in the ground. You can grab some sheers, cut into the tree and wrap the jackolantern in leaves (especially if you're in a forested area) but if you're out in the open, I would say to either dig 2 blocks down and put a jackolantern and then some leaves on top or to dig down one block with the jackolantern and put some carpet on top of it. The carpet method works best for me in my trails when I can just drop some brown carpet on top of it.

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Slabs let light travel through them. If you can use slabs on the ground wherever possible then do that.

No, they don't. They can let through a cosmetic lighting effect but it will not prevent spawning.

My best ideas are

Get a light source block (sea lantern, glowstone block, beacon, etc) and place a carpet or transparent block on top.

In the ceiling, make a hole 2 blocks up in it, place some sort of light source block in the upper hole, and then cover it with white stained glass

put a light source block behind a painting

make the light source be part of your build in a creative and appealing way

Alternatively, make the unlit space incapable of spawning mobs. Put block types down mobs can't spawn on. Unsure about console differences, but half slabs usually do the trick.

Just use jackolanterns in the floor with carpet on top. You can dye the carpet in the color of the floor.

Here's what I do in grassy areas: Dig down 2-3 blocks, place light source Cover with carpet (brown or green usually) Place leaf block above carpet level with the grass Sure you sacrifice some light levels with it, but it's a bit better than a torch sticking up and making particles.

I like to do a cool trick that I call… Floating torches!

Basically you place fences 3-5 blocks above the ground and then place a torch on top of each fence. This works best if the fences are only a few blocks apart. It will give the impression that the torches are floating magically over the land!

For those who guessed it, yes this is totally inspired by the floating candles in Harry Potter.

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Just make a short and wide pyramid made out of sand and held up by torches leading to a single torch. Then empty a bucket of lava at the top the pyramid and wait for it to flow down. All that's left is to remove the supporting torch and voila, you will never have to deal with those pesky mobs again.

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