How To Make Minecraft Less Laggy 1.14, How To Make Minecraft 1

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We all know that nobody likes laggy servers, but as for 1.14+, we can”t do anything about it. No amount of RAM/CPU/Network speed etc… can solve horribly optimized server software. So if you are on a 1.14+ server, don”t complain of the lag, its not the host”s fault that 1.14 is terrible, and it sucks for both us and you when you complain about the server because mojang screwed up their server code.I once hosted a 1.12.2 server with nothing but 2GB of RAM and had around 12-16 players, the server tps never dropped below 16 with max players online.

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Fast forward to 1.14.3 and you get a server tps of around 3-7 with 6 players online not doing much. I was able to fix this somewhat by sinking 24GB of RAM into my server and the tps went up to 7-12 with around 7-10 players;dr: 1.14+ is a laggy piece of trash and its not the server hosts fault. The actual reason for the lag: Chunk updates and entity updates, entity A.I on 1.14+ takes up a bunch of CPU/RAM (Villager A.I is the worst offender), along with the light updates when chunks load, for some strange reason, no matter how much RAM/CPU the server has, the server decides to use all of the RAM/CPU on entity A.I and lighting updates.If you are on a 1.14+ server, here are some things you can do as both a server owner and player to reduce the lag:For owners who self host:- Get paper-spigot, it is much better than the default mojang server code and runs 10x better, it also has lots of options to change how things work on the server.- Reduce the view distance to 4-6- Disable auto-save, this causes a bunch of lag for some reason, if you use paper-spigot this is not needed as they fix it.- Allocate more RAM, i found that having 24G dedicated to it helps smooth out the server for awhile.- Restart the server often to free up RAM.- If you host from your computer, close everything except for the server, and use another computer for browsing the web etc.For owners who host with a third party company:- Contact your host, and upgrade to a better plan, also if you can access the server files/config, use the above tips if you can.For players:There isn”t much you can do, but try not to load in too many chunks too rapidly or fill up the mob cap. This gets noticeable when several players are exploring on the same server or mob grinding, there is nothing the owner can do about the lag because 1.14+ is just terrible.

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