How To Make Minecraft Music Play More Often, Infinite Music

Whatever C418, (the creator of Minecraft’s music) strived for, 91 million players have listened to his music (according to Statista). It has, to varying degrees, has resonated with the majority of them.

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I remember the music — actually not really. Minecraft music is pretty easy to forget, but I recognize it easily when I hear it again. As you continue reading, listen to it and you might understand me.


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The music is repetitive, but it varies enough so even after many hours of playing the game I don’t feel bored. In some ways it’s calming, peaceful, and almost soothing. Many times because of its simplicity I even forget it's even there. I wouldn't be shocked if you forgot you were listening to the OST if you were.



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However, C418’s music isn't just forgettable or calming; it invokes emotion. Maybe its the tinge of sadness or the mellow melodies or the subtle synthesisers in the background. In reality, Minecraft is a fun game but a lonely one as well. Yes, you can play with your friends, make friends with a cat or a dog, but mostly you are by yourself in an infinite world with infinite possibilities.


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In video games, music is commonly used to reinforce the narrative. In fantasy games, you are met by alluring pieces, in heist games, you get music like Mission Impossible’s, or in final boss moments, you have intense fighting sequences. Minecraft, however, is a creative game where you place blocks at your discretion. What music would you expect? I guess ambient and calm music. But C418’s music is not just ambient and calm, there's something there that I can’t exactly articulate.

By Chris O’Brien on the Los Angeles Times .

Minecraft’s music plays randomly, with pauses in between and without any warning either. There are only 6 parameters for the music to play, being on the menu, on the ground, underwater, in the nether, in the end, or in creative mode. Depending on only those 6 points, Minecraft will play any of its random songs. It’s spontaneous in its randomness but it also reflects the randomness of the game itself. You make of Minecraft what you will. You can go on adventures, create cities, or live among villagers — that is completely up to you.

However, those random tasks are not accompanied by their own music. There is no end music, no nether music, no creeper music, no killing chickens music. Any song slowly seeps onto the game without warning and celebrates those times at random. Maybe its when you are feeding your chickens, or gathering wood, or trading with a villager. Whatever it is you are doing, it makes the task memorable.

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I think for any Minecraft players, old, “original”, or new, we can all appreciate C418’s work, because although we may never expect when tracks like Wet Hands or Sweden will play, they tend to appear when it counts most. It becomes the soundtrack that highlights individual moments that are important to each player.

If you made it this far, let me ask you an important question. Do you notice the OST when you play Minecraft?

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