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Minecraft is all fun and games until a player lags out and finds themselves in a major catastrophe.

Lag is the culprit of countless video game issues, and in Minecraft, experiencing lag for even a second could cause a player’s death. If the game lags while fighting a hostile mob, that battle very likely will not turn out victorious for the player.

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Lag causes many in-game problems, but there are ways to prevent it.

Graphics are typically what will slow down any video game, and luckily in Minecraft, the visual settings can be adjusted easily. Here are some of the recommended video settings for no lag in Minecraft in 2021.

Best Minecraft settings for no lag

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The main setting in Minecraft that will cause lag is render distance. Plays should turn their render distance down if they experience frequent lag. The default render distance setting is 12 chunks, but the game can easily be just as functional when set to anything less than that.

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This may hinder long distance vision slightly, but by lowering the render distance, Minecraft players should be able to then turn up their framerate and be met with much less lag while playing.

There are other minor changes that can go a long way in terms of lag reduction. This includes turning off minor animations that aren’t always necessary like clouds, entity shadows, and bobbing.

Minecraft players can turn particles to minimal as well, and smooth lighting can be turned off or set to minimum. As far as the graphics settings are concerned, players should set them to something less than fancy for an optimal frame rate.

The popular OptiFine mod also helps run Minecraft much faster than normal. OptiFine can be easily downloaded into Minecraft Java Edition, and players will be able to experience Minecraft in a whole new way, even adding shaders or texture packs if preferred.

Plus, with Optifine, players won’t have to sacrifice some of the graphic settings mentioned earlier because the mod works to make the game run smoother overall.

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Those playing on PC computers will want to investigate the quality of their devices. PCs come with a wide range of video game performance abilities, with some being ideal for gaming while others aren’t made for it at all.

Those with lower-end PCs may need to change more video settings than others in order to avoid lag.

By utilizing all or some of these settings, players should recognize a notable improvement in frame rate speed during Minecraft gameplay. Sometimes, small settings adjustments can make all the difference.

For more settings ideas, check out popular Minecraft YouTuber and streamer Dream’s custom keyboard settings.

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