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Minecraft shaders that don't lag make any player's world look magical.

Many shaders are designed to make the game appear more realistic and warm but often cause lagging in-game. This can cause a player to get killed by a monster or another player during PVP.

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Such instances can be quite a disaster for those who don't keep their inventory after death or are trying to maintain a victory streak.

Top five Minecraft Shaders sans lag

To prevent players from falling into the grasp of a slow, laggy shader, here is a list compiled for Minecraft players who want speed and aesthetics.

#5 – Chocapic13′ Shaders by Choca_13 (Java 1.16.3)

A beautiful, quick-moving shader that refuses to lag, even on a consistently slow PC. This is a beautiful shader with a lot of texture and touching sunrises and sunsets.

Image via Minecraft

The only glitch was that the avatar hand was, sort of, blending into the scenery. It poses no issues aside from looks, as it functioned normally.

Image via Minecraft; Optifine 1.16.1

This is likely because it was shader used on a 1.16 optifine version, rather than 1.16.3, which it's intended for.

This is a gorgeous shader that fails to lag and could even be used successfully in Minecraft PVP.

#4 – Fused Vanilla Shader VDark V2 by Fused Bolt (Pocket Edition 1.16.201)

Image via mcpedl

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This is a soft shader that works well and doesn't cause issues. Its purpose is to add subtle differences rather than completely transform the design. It is an excellent shader for those who like the traditional look of the game and want something that adds a little flavor without taking away from the classic design.

Waving leaves, yellow-tinted torchlight, and animated foliage are all features of this beautiful shader, downloadable at

#3 – RWSPE Shader V5.0 Official by CD WORLD GAMES (Minecraft PE 1.16.201)

It is a beautiful shader with some cool tones designed to prevent the player's device from lagging by providing them with multiple settings choices.

Players can use low, medium, high, or ultra settings depending on how their device handles Minecraft shaders and how they want their game to look.

The low setting is similar to vanilla Minecraft, as the water remains glare-free and looks like its classic design, while ultra gives off glare and makes it look super realistic.

This shader ultimately has a great range of changes that fit the player's needs regarding quality of style and lag.

#2 – BSLex Shader (BSL Edit) by LexBoosT (Java 1.16.5)

Image via CurseForge

This shader is beautiful and quite colorful in its display and doesn't disappoint when it comes to lag. If a Minecraft player is seeking out some beautiful changes made to trees, lighting, and texture, this is an excellent addition to the game.

The blocks are outlined, making them easily identifiable against other blocks of it's kind, but are not overwhelming. There are many features included in this shader that make it very captivating, like:

  • Distance blur
  • Increasing the appearance of stars
  • The option of rainbows
  • The choice of ultra vignette.

Of course, some motion blur can be a little intense. If players confuse motion blur with lag, this might be an excellent opportunity to learn to differentiate between the two.

#1 – Complementary Shaders by EminGTR (Java 1.16.5)

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This Minecraft shader is designed to be as smooth as possible with the highest quality.

It is crafted to be compatible, smooth, and swift with little to no issues. If there are issues, they're simple to fix and have already been identified by the developer.


Lag can destroy the enjoyment of a game, especially Minecraft, where smooth movements are needed pretty much at all times. Sadly, many shaders will result in some sort of lag; many are pretty noticeable. These shaders, however, should provide very little to no lag for players.

All the Java shaders can be found and downloaded on, while both PE shaders can be found at

Shaders are one of the easiest changes to install in Minecraft, but if a guide is needed, gamers can see here for Windows. A guide for PE can be found at for both IOS and Android users.

Installing the optifine mod can also help reduce lag in the game.

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