How To Make Minecraft Run Faster On Mac ? Minecraft Runs Horribly On A Mac

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I myself am a mac user, but for those other mac users out there that don”t really know how they can increase their mine craft performance, so this guide will hopefully help all you mac users! Before we jump straight in, some of you might wonder why our macs are so crap at awesome gaming performance, well here”s why!Macs weren”t designed for gaming, therefore don”t have the features that matter the most in gaming. This also means that currently, your mac isn”t set to any specific settings to help with gaming performance or anything to help with mine craft fps. So yah, just a quick reason.First of all, this is the best thing you can do:1. Install OptiFine – It really does help! It can increase your fps by AT LEAST 30 fps.Now, i”m going to list a load of options that you should use with optifine!(My results: BEFORE: On average around 25 – 30 fps.) (AFTER: 50 – 75 fps average, it will go 75+)OptiFine settings:1. Advanced OpenGL: Fast2. Chunk Loading: Smooth3. Fog: Off4. Performance > Fast Math: On5. Performance > Fast Render: On6. Performance > Lazy Chunk Loading: On7. Performance > Smooth World: On8.

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Other > AutoSave: 30 mins – Autosave makes the lag spike of death9. Other > Fullscreen: On – believe it or not, full screen actually increases your fps!With just these features, you can increase your fps a ton!


hopefully this worked for you!Another important thing is:Priorities! Making your mine craft priority higher will make your computer focus more on your game performance than anything else, by default mine craft is on “normal” priority.How do I increase my mine craft priority then? Follow these steps!1. Head over to and click ” Download “2. Once downloaded, open up mine craft and hit PLAY3. Open up atMonitor and type “m”, this should search for processes beginning with mif it didn”t search, scroll around yourself in the little box with the processes in.4. Once you”ve found Minecraft, click it.5. Once you”ve got Minecraft highlighted, click “Renice” at the top which will bring up options6. You will(should) see a slider, slide it RIGHT for a higher priority!NOTE: If priority is past -18, IT WILL cause the rest of your processes, apps, internet etc to run SLOWLY WHEN mine craft is running! you”ve been warned!One last thing that will also dramatically increase fps:1. Find the total amount of GB you have, you can do this by:Click top left apple icon > About this mac. You should see your amount of GB next to Memory2. Upon launch of mine craft, instead of hitting PLAY click “Edit Profile”3. At the bottom, find “JVM Arguments” and tick the box to enable it.4. Halve (Half) your total GB, and type in ” -XmxGB ” the apple is your GB halved(halfed).5. Go ahead and hit “Save Profile”, go ahead and play! this should increase your fps even more.So, hopefully this has helped you and made your mine craft performance better, if you”ve got any problems please say so in a reply!IF THIS DIDN”T INCREASE your fps, get a new computer!DO NOT start arguing about windows is better than macs in the comments otherwise the replies will end up getting spammed with “WINDOWS FTW, MACS ARE ****”

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