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This is how to make a mirror in minecraft. You could also use it as a funhouse mirror. It can be done it creative or survival. I did it in the Xbox 360 edition. it may or may not work for the other editions. Hope you enjoy.

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To make this funhouse mirror what you need is

2 sticky pistons

2 pressure plates (wood or stone)

4 redstone dust

4 glass

18 blocks (of your choice I used quarts)

Optional (for looks)

2 grey wool

4 bookcases

2 caldrons

1 bucket


What you do first is make a hole in the ground that 2×3. The first 4 blocks need to be 2 blocks deep. The last 2 need to be 3 deep. First place redstone on the first 2 blocks. Then put redstone on the 2 blocks over the redstone. Then 2 pressure plates on those blocks.


Now place redstone on the next 2 blocks. Then place you 2 sticky pistons in the hole (like you see in picture 2). Now place 2 blocks over the pistons. when you step on a pressure plate both pistons should push up.

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Now place 2 blocks in front of the pressure plates but level with them. Then go to the back and surround the last hole with blocks (like you see in picture 2) Then in front of the pressure plates put your 2 caldrons and fill them with water.


Now if you are in survival you need to lead your villager into the hole (with a minecart of whatever else you want to use). If you are in creative just spawn it in there. Now put 4 glass over the villagers head (do this when the piston is not pushing up). Now put a wall behind the glass.


Now this is optional but it does make it look better. I put 2 bookcases on the side of the glass. & one grey wool on the side of each caldrons.

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How it works is when you step on a pressure plate it activates the pistons pushing up the villager. That it you are done. I hope you enjoyed this instructable. I got this idea from fed ex gaming so all credit goes to him. If you do this take a picture of it it & show me in the comments what you did to pretty it up. Don”t forget to vote.

You should make one where when you try to look at the reflection it shoots arrows at you. If it was hunger games you could lock em in the room. 😉

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