How To Make Money In World Of Warcraft ? How To Make Real Life Money Off Of Wow



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So you have just entered world of warcraft, gotten to level 80 when you realize, it”s time to pay for another month of world of warcraft. You checked your wallet, and your flat out of cash, and your saving that 75 cents for the hot pocket in the dorm vending machine, What do you do!The answer is, Selling gold.There are numerous ways to get money from world of warcraft, but in my opinion the most easily manageable and fastest way, is to sell In game gold.First off, you USUALLY need to be level 80. You technically don”t, but it is way easier to get more gold at level 80. Now, check and see if you have epic flying, because for my way of getting gold, epic flying is a big must. You can rake in the cash and circle around those rich bastards within 1-2 weeks of botting or even simply farming.BOTTINGI personally use gatherbuddy and make 1-3k a NIGHT farming saronite and titanium. I dont even have herbalism, but if i did i could easily imagine how i would be raking in the cash like a professional stripper.To buy gatherbuddy go to…ile=1&aid=AB-6Yes, it is Kurios”s link, Finally repay him for that raging boner you get after staring at those great tits. If you dont want to repay him, be a dick and google Gatherbuddy and buy it. Its 25 euro”s for the bot, and a month of time. After that, its 5 Euros a month, or you can just pay 80 Euros for lifetime + a leveling bot. (25 euro”s is about 40$ or so. Don”t worry you will make it back)IF YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO USE IT, GO TO KURIOS”S THREAD HERE…iew-guide.html For botting, it is generally a good idea to have a separate botting account, but you don”t necessarily have to. The reason yours should have a separate account is because that when you bot, you have a small chance to get banned, and if it is your favorite account, with all level 9001 ilvl epics, Then you don”t want to get it banned. There is one easy way to do this, and make sure that you keep the account usually.First, log in to it via WoW site, change the emails, passwords etc, Then login to WoW, (if you can use a seperate ip address it really helps) And start botting with mining in sholazar basin. It is the best place to mine saronite and titanium , now WHEN YOU GET ALL THE MATERIALS, do NOT list them all on the AH. Try to sell them in trade, because some no life idiot payed by blizzard watches the AH for an influx of materials, then will check that person out and you can get banned for it. So just be likeWTS SARONITE ORE 14G A STACK! PST Then sell it all. Or find a private buyer that you can just CoD it to.After you reach about 9-10k Find a gold selling site, I used mmowpawn CAN bargain for prices. Start off sort of high around 3.40$ per thousand, and then work your way down slowly. I sold 9k for 2.60$ per thousand, which is a good price for online company”s.Copy Pasta From gatherbuddy thread in which kickazz006 tells of all the sites he sold gold to.

Read more: a slip of the hand wow – $3/k (for some reason not working this week) – my accts NOT banned after selling 80k to this buyer (gold bank deposit) – the site is down today for some reason, but i got ahold of them via yahoo… pusadacs (yahoo msgr) – rep: Sebastianmmogcart / / power4game / – $2.6/k ( is supplier) will buy 40k —> I came upon at least 8 sites that used this person as they”re supplier!! – $3/k (no need for gold on my server atm) – $2.2 / k – my accts NOT banned after trading (f2f) 7.5k for a vanilla key (key works) Rep: AimeeVanilla key: 7.5kBC Key: 8.2kWotLK Key: 14.3 (30k for all 3 keys, essentially)60 day timecard: 10.7k^^^ above were estimated for the day, these things change depending on need of – $1.5/k (buys more than 100k) – i got him to buy 80k (f2f)
$2.2/k paypal w/in 5 mins after – rep: mmofly (yahoo msgr) – $2/ – $2/ – ?? contact back around 8pm – ?? kevincoin – email / / – ?? – ?? $2-3/k – never got quote, mgr wasn”t – ?? various handles – inquired via – ?? various handles doesn”t need gold atm. dunno – ?? livehelp had msg box up, left – ?? is full on my – ?? inquired to email, email returned – livechat is fast, but they were not buying on my server. mgr wasn”t there to quote**Doesn”t buy:** / – another site i”ve been to – if the live chat remembers me, i”ve been there before, – “ – “ – “ – “ – they said they”re crew farms gold for them

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IF you want to safely sell the gold, buy a vanilla account ( Vanilla means it is just the WoW account, not BC or Wotlk).APPARENTLY FACE TO FACE TRADE IS SAFER. DO IT IN LOWER INCREMENTS ISNTEAD OF 1 GIANT 100K TRADE thoughOn your main, create a guild and buy a guild bank. Put however much gold you are selling into the guild bank , and invite the new character on account #2 to the guild. Promote him, and then withdraw all the gold on the new character on the vanilla account, then go make the trade with that character. This way, if your selling account gets caught, your botting account usually is not linked to it.Then, your done. You can now work on creating a botting regime, Where you try to get 2-3 accounts to bot over different servers, and you can start making even more profit though.

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