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Minecraft is an open-world game that allows players to build and explore their own world. One of the most popular ways to play the game is on a server with other people.

There are different types of Minecraft servers for players to enjoy. One of the most popular types of servers is economy servers. These servers allow players to earn in-game money through various methods. Just like in real life, money can be saved and used to purchase items from other players.

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This article will highlight the best Minecraft economy servers to play in 2021, why they're so popular among players, how to get started playing, and some helpful tips.

Note: The below servers are NOT listed in any particular order of quality. This article reflects the author’s sole views.

5 Minecraft Economy Servers on PC that players should check out

#5 Purple Prison – IP:

Purple Prison is a popular Minecraft Prison Server, with thousands of daily players and an uptime of over seven years.

Purple Prison has a strong focus on the economy, and the server rarely resets. Players can earn money through a variety of ways, including starting their own shop, trading items on the auction house, playing coinflip games, hunting bounties set on other players, and much more.

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Purple Prison also has a friendly Discord server community with over 40,000 members. Players can join the community here.

#4 DemocracyCraft – IP:

Democracycraft is a city roleplay server with a booming economy where players can earn money

DemocracyCraft takes the form of a large functional Minecraft town which is governed, maintained and created by players. Players elect others as members of the government, who then make new rules and decisions for the city.

The economy of the city is a big part of the server, with players being able to earn money through working various jobs or even starting their own business and hiring others.

There are many ways to spend money on the server, including extravagant purchases such as fancy cars, helicopters and huge mansions.

#3 Hypixel Skyblock – IP:

Hypixel Skyblock has quickly become the most popular game mode throughout the massive Hypixel network. When the server launched, it offered players an experience that was totally new and unlike anything Skyblock players had ever seen.

The economy is one of the biggest parts of Hypixel Skyblock. With features such as the auction house (bazaar), shops, and farming contests, there's a variety of different ways for players to earn money.

#2 EcoCityCraft – IP:

EcocityCraft takes the form of a well-balanced economy server

Boasting an uptime of almost 11 years, EcoCityCraft claims the title as one of the oldest Minecraft Servers to ever exist.

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EcoCityCraft operates using “Eco Dollars” as its primary currency and incorporates an economy that's carefully balanced. In terms of gameplay, players can enjoy a towny-like experience centered around making money using server features such as the auction-houses and public markets.

#1 Businesscraft – IP:

Businesscraft is the perfect Minecraft server for any fan of capitalism, featuring a beating economy where the goal is familiar: make a lot of money, buy a big house, and live a good life.

Luckily, there's no shortage of methods to make money on Businesscraft. Players can work a job, start their own business, trade in the stock market, and even invest in rare art & real estate.

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