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Segment This week you asked us: What Apple Arcade games would we recommend? How do you make Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft? And does Terraria on mobile have the Journey’s End update?

RADAlrighty! Another week, another Ask SP! Let’s begin barrelling through this beguiling bunch of gaming queries, shall we?! Starting off with this video from Violet and Felix.

VIOLET and FELIXHi GGSP, we love your show. I’m Violet. And I’m Felix. And our parents won’t let us get games that are too expensive. So do you recommend any free games on the Apple Arcade? Thanks, bye!RADAw, thanks Violet and Felix! So, the thing about Apple Arcade is that it is not free. It’s actually a game subscription service. While there is a free one month trial period, it then requires an ongoing monthly payment. Which means you can play all the games on Apple Arcade without paying for them individually – you just need the subscription. And hey, there are some good games available there, like road planning sim Mini Motorways… thoughtful puzzler Assemble With Care… neon musical motorcycle racer, Sayonara Wild Hearts… pinball with a twist in The Pinball Wizard or the wacky sporting hijinks of What the Golf or Cricket Through the Ages. And that’s just to name a few. But, it’s really up to your trusty grown-ups to decide if they think it’s worth that ongoing monthly subscription cost. 

If you are looking for some free games for your mobile devices, you might like to try games like the bopping road crossing of Crossy Road… and Disney Crossy Road. Or the excellent tower defence titles Plants vs Zombies 1 and 2, soon to be joined by Plants vs Zombies 3! Then there’s the boardgame-like Armello, strategy game Clash of Clans, or any of the Angry Birds games! And you might like to try Mario Kart Tour, Pokemon Go, or Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, for some mobile-style experiences of those well-known gaming series. Although, as we always say, watch out for in-game transactions and ads and things, especially with free to start games. Right, moving on to another question now, and this one comes from Sanduni in Hampton Park, Victoria…

name: Sanduni

Location: Hampton park

State: VIC

Comments: Dear, ggsp

how do u turn sheep into rainbow sheep in minecraft oh and if u dont answer ill turn you into minecraft noobs mwahahaha oh and daran do these:

RADOh, some emoticons for Darren! Better get him on the line.DARRENHello! You’ve reached Darren.RADHey Darren, there are some emoticons for you here to do please!DARRENOh, splendid! Ahem…

RADThanks Darren and thanks for the question, Sanduni. Hey Darren, would you like to do the honours of explaining how to turn sheep into rainbow sheep in Minecraft?DARRENOh affirmative! Now, if you want to give Minecraft sheep a technicolour makeover… If you’re playing in survival mode, you’ll need an anvil, which can be crafted with three iron blocks and four iron ingots. You’ll also need a name tag, which, unless you have cheats enabled, you’ll have to find, instead of craft. They can be found in chests in dungeons, or wtbblue.comher fortresses, or sometimes through trade or fishing. Otherwise, you can just search for them in the inventory if you’re playing in creative mode. So, with your anvil, name tag and a sheep of course…open the anvil menu…place the name tag into the slot and then type in ‘jeb underscore’ (jeb_ ).

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It will cost you 1 experience level. Grab the Jeb tag…then simply equip it and approach your sheep. Click the sheep to name it Jeb and look on in awe as your sheep’s fleece cycles through various colours! Aha!…Alternatively, if you’re in creative mode, you can use an anvil to name a spawn egg ‘jeb underscore’ (jeb_) as well… These colourful, chameleon-like sheep are also known as Jeb Sheep or Disco Sheep!…Aha…boogie oogie oogie…! AhahRADWow! So groovy! Well, thanks Darren, bye! DARRENBye byeee!RADOk, let’s hustle on over to another video question now and this one comes from Jesse.

JESSEHi GGSP, I have two questions for you.Question one: Does the ios version of Terraria have the Journey’s End update?Question two: What is the most dangerous ghost in Luigi’s Mansion 3?By the way, do you like my sunglasses?

RADThanks Jesse! In answer to your first question, unfortunately the iOS version of Terraria does not currently have the Journey’s End update. According to the Terraria website, Journey’s End is being ‘evaluated’ for possible porting to mobile devices. But there’s no timetable for a release yet. So, who knows if or when it might actually happen. And the same goes for the current generation of consoles.Moving on to the question of the most dangerous ghost in Luigi’s Mansion 3! Well that depends on a few things. The Hammer ghosts generally have solid HP for example, but some ghosts just have pesky abilities. Like the Slinkers, that seem to come out of nowhere and can use Toad like a shield! Dastardly!

The multiplayer Scarescraper mode also has rare versions of ghosts that can have other abilities like health regeneration or bombs they can throw, which can be pretty menacing. But, at least you can take these on with friends.But if we’re talking about the boss ghosts in the story mode… well, my main challenge in the boss fights was managing the timing and controls, rather than the ghosts being necessarily all that dangerous. The fight with Clem in the Boilerworks for example is pretty tricky, mostly due to having to maneuver yourself around that pool of water using the Poltergust. As for my thoughts on your sunglasses, Jesse, well I must say those are some sweet shades you’ve got there. Truly top notch. And on that note, we are out of time for Ask SP for this week. If you have some top notch questions for us, go here… to send them in. And send us a video for a chance to score some cool GGSP stuff. 

So much coolness. It makes me wanna pop my own sweet shades on too. Check it out! They just clip on to my glasses! Pretty cool.

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