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Red dye in Minecraft can be acquired by converting poppy, red tulip, beetroot, or a rose bush in a crafting window.

The world of Minecraft is a beautiful place filled to the brim with a plethora of delightful colors. Luckily for those who like to customize and decorate, the color of some things can actually be changed.

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Minecraft players can change the color of several different items, blocks, and mobs. This allows them to customize popular things such as beds, the collar of tamed pets, stained glass, or even sheep themselves.

Red dye is rather simple to make and only requires a single specific item, which can be a poppy, red tulip, beetroot, or a rose bush.

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This article breaks down how Minecraft players can acquire red dye in a few different ways.

Creating red dye in Minecraft

One of the most straightforward ways for Minecraft players to get red dye is to craft it for themselves. Red dye can be formulated by converting a single poppy, red tulip, beetroot, or a rose bush. Converting the latter grants two red dye, while the others will create a single red dye.

Flower forest biomes will be the best location to track down the various red types of flowers. Poppy and red tulips can be found in plains and sunflower plains biomes as well. Poppy are slightly more common as they are additionally found in a forest, birch forest, and dark forest biomes.

Rose bushes will naturally generate in a set amount in the flower forest biome type upon world creation. Players who can successfully gather one of these should not immediately convert it to red dye.

Instead, they can use bone meal on the plant to continually get a new rose bush for each bone meal expended. This will help preserve precious resources, as each world only has a finite amount of rose bushes. Bone meal, on the other hand, can be consistently farmed from an automatic hostile mob farm.

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Beetroots can be found as one of the crops growing in a Minecraft village. Also, they can sometimes be bought from novice-level farmer villagers.

Crafting a rose bush into two red dye in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

Once Minecraft players have at least one of the necessary components, all they have to do is pop it into their player crafting window or a crafting table. The items can be converted into red dye from there.

There is a small chance that players can also buy 12 pieces of red dye from a journeyman-level shepherd villager for one emerald. They also have the opportunity to buy three pieces of red dye from a wandering trader for one emerald. For any gamer who really does not want to spend time looking for flowers, purchasing red dye could be an excellent alternative for acquiring the item.

Minecraft players can use their red dye to change the color of various things in the game to the color red. To name a few, it can be used to dye wool or sheep, the collars on pets, and change the color of beds and other such items.

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