How To Make Ropes In Minecraft : 8 Easy Steps To Try, How To Make Rope In Minecraft

Allowing us to tie the end of a lead to a fence without having a mob on it, and being able to tie both ends on the fences to make a lead in between them would open up possibilities for building. this effect would create something that resembles a rope fence but wouldn’t actually act as one. This does not provide any gameplay elements other than creativity to builds and attention to detail.

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I absolutely love this idea! This would have so much potential from a creative standpoint. We could finally build proper power lines for modern builds or tram lines, adding ropes to tents, building rope bridges, or adding ropes to mediterranean city streets for clothes to hang off of. The possibilities are endless.

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* 100% SUPPORT! *

Then we could create proper bridges – this has been wanted for YEARS by many!


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I like this idea and actually had the same idea (partly why im here). I do have an addition though. *Coloured Leads* adding a bit of detail to the concept of decoration. Example: Black Leads can be used for telephone pole wires

Being able to tie leads between two fences wrold allow rope like objects like ropes for sail boats or to look like something is being pulled up or pulled in general and maybe if they do this they could add a pulley.Please add this.Please

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