To flourish sugarcane you need to plant one piece (using the left create for Xbox, best click for PC) on a block of dirt or sand also. The dirt or sand block have to be straight surrounding to water. It will certainly inevitably begin to flourish, and also you deserve to harvest it by breaking each "block" of sugarcane. You don"t have to break the bottom "block" of sugarcane in order to harvest the others, so an reliable strategy is to plant many sugarcane and also then break the top two blocks, leaving the bottom one undamaged. This implies you don"t need to replant all the sugarcane eincredibly time.

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To acquire sugar cane, you have the right to uncover it on river banks and also sea shores. Similar to cactus, breaking any type of component will certainly harvest that block and all above it. To plant sugar cane, put just one block of it in one block of dirt or sand also alongside still water by appropriate clicking the dirt or sand block. When farming sugar cane, you can simply let the sugar cane thrive, and also once it grows taller than 1 block high, break the second block. This will cause the second block, and all blocks above it to break, but the initially block will certainly still be planted and will flourish aacquire. Repeat this procedure to get even more sugarcane.


Place the sugarcane on a dirt or sand also block that"s adjacent to a water resource. The maximum development is 3 blocks high, so break the middle one as soon as the stack gets 3 blocks tall.

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sugarcane is uncovered near little ponds if you finds some, punch it and also then place it on a sand block (BTW a tiny trick most world do not understand around sugarcane is it have the right to grow underwater and in survival you can make a small breapoint bubble via it i recognize it has actually nopoint to carry out with the question however simply a small tip)


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