How To Move Buffs And Debuffs In Wow, Moving Buffs On Default Ui

I'd like to see an option to move the buff and debuff bars. Im having a lot of problems with its current placement. To explain more I was born a lazy eye which in turn made my other ” good eye ” to form a keratoconus. This means my eyesight is very limited.What happens to me quiet often is i notice im losing health due to a debuff. Because of my sight i cant recognize the particle effects and am thus relying completely on the icons. But because these are on the top left its usualy too late and i die.Ive looked into some plugins to resolve this issue but the only thing i could find was POEhud and it seems you can get banned for that so thats no option.When i look to other games in this genre but also mmo's you often see that you can customize you game with addons ai WoW or you can completely design your own ui like for instance in runscape.Now im not saying poe should do this too for the whole ui (tho i defenitly wouldnt mind) but an option to move buffs or at least debuffs closer to your health globe would mean such an improvement for me.And not only for me i think ive seen this question come by on reddit quiet a few times.I was also looking into software to mirror parts of my main screen to a 2nd monitor or right above the health bar. this way i can mirror the debuff bar part down. Is this within terms of service ? Id like to know that since this would also solve my issue.

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Posted byTtDice88on Jul 21, 2020, 9:31:19 AM
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Luckily I don't have any of your issues but I can get behind being able to move screen elements, frankly I think all screen elements should be movable. And better yet let us change their scale and when they are shown. Hell make it an XML/JSON file on our computers somewhere and let us just skin the interface how we want it. It can only present information that we can know anyway so it won't offer us any advantage really and they could be shared like loot filters. (I don't know that PoE uses this system but I know many games skin their 2D UI using modified html/xml.)




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