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So loot bags… the dart craft page says you can open them by right clicking, experience shows otherwise. Searching around on this I get the impression you need turtles or redpower or something to open them for whatever reason, but I haven”t found any concrete explanation on how they actually work. So what do you need to do to open them, and why isn”t it what the dart craft page says?
Do you mean Spoils Bags? You should be able to put them on your hotbar and use them (eg like eating stuff) to get them open.

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You can right-click open from toolbar just fine, or right-click on a chest with them to dump all of it into the chest. The reason you see automation threads isn”t because it is the only way, it is because people are sick of opening loot bags, particularly if they”re using one or more farms that produce them as a side product. I don”t even pick them up if I have a choice—which I usually don”t because of Coin of Fortune always turned on.
If you”re on a server, then Spoils Bags have probably been disabled. The thing is, Bluedart didn”t add a config to outright disable them, just to prevent players from opening them. To quote the DartCraft thread:
– If the config setting “Cruel Admins” is enabled Spoils Bags will not allow players to take their items or drop their contents into chests. This setting is strictly for special maps and, if abused by a public mod pack, will be removed.

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Basically, he really likes his Spoils Bags, and wants them to basically be required if you are playing with DartCraft. He relented and added a config to disable them… sort of. It only really confuses players who don”t know about the setting by not letting them open their Spoils Bags, and as the name “Cruel Admins” implies, he wants the players to blame the admins if they use the setting. He probably designed it that way so the players would complain to the admins so they would eventually change the setting back. In addition to that, he”s forbidden public mod packs from using the setting, otherwise he”ll remove it. This is really dumb, because some players think Spoils Bags are too powerful and want to disable them outright, but more importantly than that this is the sort of childish behavior that just isn”t acceptable from a mod developer. It would be one thing if he just didn”t have a config for it, but to make a halfway one and call it “Cruel Admins”? That”s just spiteful and immature.

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