How To Optimize Minecraft With Nvidia, Minecraft Settings

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Đang xem: How to optimize minecraft with nvidia

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Title. I was wondering how I could make it use more as my frames aren”t looking that well although.Other games don”t do this. I understand it”s how the game works with the gpu but any way I can increase the performance already tried maximum performance in nvidia settings. Now please don”t roast me for playing minecraft with a 2080:)

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If you want to make more use of your GPU, you need to give the GPU more work to do.

Increase resolution. Increase visual quality settings. Install shader packs and high resolution texture packs. (change that setting in your nvidia control panel to quality instead of performance!!!)

Minecraft is only going to scale into about “1 core” worth of your CPU, so there”s nothing you can do to get it to use more of your 2700X.

Minecraft performance is typically driven by single threaded CPU performance (as all modern CPU”s have enough cores/threads to eliminate contention for resources on a single thread when running this game). The 2700X, while pretty good in this area, is still shy of Intel counterparts. To really maximize minecraft FPS, a 5+GHZ clocked lake architecture CPU from Intel works better.

The most compute intensive issue in minecraft is typically the CPU workload created by large amounts of high precision vector graphics data having to be generated for “far” viewing distances. You”ll notice this present as FPS drops when you”re up high on hills able to look out across vast landscapes. Reduce view distance to reduce the compute bottleneck.

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