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Этот список описывает все консольные команды в Dota 2.

Примечание: Команды с "Да" в колонке "Чит?" требуют sv_cheats 1 для функционирования.

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Команда Стандартное значение Чит? Описание _autosave Автосохранение _autosavedangerous Опасное автосохранение _bugreporter_restart Перезагрузка Отчет об ошибках .dll _cl_minimapzoom 1 _fov 0 Automates fov command to server. _overview_mode 1 Summary mode - 0 = off, 1 = incollection, 2 = complete _record Record a demo incrementally. _resetgamestats Erases present game stats and writes out a empty stats file _rebegin Shutdown and also restart the engine.

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Команда Стандартное значение Чит? Описание achievement_debug 0 Да Включить достижения отладки сообщ. achievement_disable 0 Да Выключить достижения. actionpanel_structure Набор действий панели кадров #. actionpanel_resize Actionpanel force re-layout. activategameui addip Add an IP attend to to the ban list. adsp_alley_min 122 adsp_courtyard_min 126 adsp_debug 0 adsp_door_elevation 112 adsp_duct_min 106 adsp_hall_min 110 adsp_low_ceiling 108 adsp_opencourtyard_min 126 adsp_openspace_min 130 adsp_openstreet_min 118 adsp_openwall_min 130 adsp_room_min 102 adsp_street_min 118 adsp_tunnel_min 114 adsp_wall_height 128 ai_auto_contact_solver 1 ai_block_damages 0 ai_clear_bad_web links Clears bits collection on nav links indicating attach is unusable ai_debug_assault 0 ai_debug_avoidancebounds 0 ai_debug_directnavprobe 0 ai_debug_doors 0 ai_debug_dyninteractions 0 Debug the NCOMPUTER dynamic interaction system. ai_debug_efficiency 0 ai_debug_adversaries 0 ai_debug_expressions 0 Show random expression decisions for NPCs. ai_debug_follow 0 ai_debug_loners 0 ai_debug_looktargets 0 ai_debug_los 0 Да **NCOMPUTER Line-Of-Sight debug mode. 1 = Highlights all things that presently block line of sight. 2 = Highlights all points that deserve to perhaps block line of sight also (favor disabled brushes that have the right to be enabled).[1] ai_debug_nav 0 ai_debug_node_connect Debug the attempted link in between two nodes ai_debug_ragdoll_magnets 0 ai_debug_shoot_positions 0 Да ai_debug_speech 0 ai_debug_squads 0 ai_debug_think_ticks 0 ai_debugscriptproblems 0 ai_default_effective 0 ai_disable 0 **Allows you to enable / disable the AI of all NPCs in the game. Disabled NPCs won"t "think", yet the rest of the game code continues to run.[2] ai_drawbattlelines 0 Да ai_drop_hint Drop an ai_hint at the player"s present eye position. ai_dump_clues ai_efficiency_override 0 ai_enable_fear_behavior 1 ai_expression_frametime 0 Maximum frametime to still play background expressions. ai_expression_optimization 0 Disable npc background expressions once you can not view them. ai_fear_player_dist 720 ai_find_lateral_cover 1 ai_find_lateral_los 1 ai_follow_use_points 1 ai_follow_use_points_when_relocating 1 ai_force_serverside_ragdoll 1 ai_frametime_limit 50 Frametime limit for min efficiency AIE_NORMAL (in sec"s). ai_hull Controls which relations are presented once ai_show_hull or ai_show_affix commands are offered. Arguments: NCOMPUTER name or classname (incomplete description) ai_lead_time 0 ai_LOS_mode 0 ai_moveprobe_debug 0 ai_moveprobe_jump_debug 0 ai_moveprobe_usetracelist 0 ai_nav_debug_experimental_pathing 0 Draw courses tried throughout search for bodysnatcher pathing ai_navigator_generate_spikes 0 ai_navigator_generate_spikes_stamina 8 ai_next_hull Cycles with the assorted hull sizes. Currently schosen hull size is composed to the display screen. Controls which relationships are (incomplete description). See likewise [3] ai_no_local_paths 0 ai_no_node_cache 0 ai_no_select_box 0 ai_no_steer 0 ai_no_talk_delay 0 ai_nodes **Toggles node screen. First call displays the nodes for the given network-related as green objects. Second call screens the nodes" Hammer ID.[3] ai_norebuildgraph 0 ai_path_adjust_speed_on_immediate_transforms 1 ai_path_insert_pause_at_est_end 1 ai_path_insert_pause_at_obstruction 1 ai_post_frame_navigating 0 ai_radial_max_link_dist 512 ai_reaction_delay_alert 0 ai_reaction_delay_idle 0 ai_rebalance_thinks 1 ai_report_task_timings_on_limit 0 ai_resume If NPC is stepping through jobs (view ai_step) will certainly resume normal handling. ai_sequence_debug 0 ai_set_move_height_epsilon Set exactly how high AI bumps up ground walkers when checking actions ai_setenabled 0 Like ai_disable however you manually specify the state (through a 0 or 1) rather of toggling it. ai_setupbones_debug 0 Shows that bones that are setup eextremely think ai_shot_predisposition 1 ai_shot_bias_max 1 ai_shot_bias_min -1 ai_shot_stats 0 ai_shot_stats_term 1000 ai_show_affix **Displays the enabled relations between each node for the currently selected hull kind. Hulls are color code as follows: Environment-friendly, Blue, Cyan, Grey, Dark red, Bideal red. See likewise [3] for even more information. ai_show_connect_crawl **Refer to ai_show_attach. ai_show_connect_fly **Refer to ai_show_attach. ai_show_connect_jump **Refer to ai_show_attach. ai_show_graph_connect **Toggles graph link display screen for the node that the player is looking at. Nodes that are linked to the selected node by the net graph will be attracted in red through magenta lines connecting to the selected node. Nodes that are not connected by means of the net graph from the selected node will certainly be drawn in blue.[4] ai_show_grid Draw a grid on the floor wbelow looking. ai_show_clues Displays all clues as tiny boxes: Blue - hint is easily accessible for use; Red - hint is presently being used by an NPC; Oselection - Hint not being offered by timed out; Grey - Hint has actually been disabled.[4] ai_show_hull **Displays the allowed hulls in between each node for the presently selected hull form. Hulls are shade code as follows: Eco-friendly - Ground movement; Blue - Jumping movement; Cyan - Flying movement; Magenta - Climbing motion.[4] ai_show_hull_strikes 0 ai_show_node Highlight the mentioned node ai_show_think_tolerance 0 ai_show_visibility Toggles visibility display screen for the node that the player is looking at. Nodes that are visible from the schosen node will certainly be drawn in red via yellow lines connecting to the schosen node. Nodes that are not visible from the schosen node will certainly be drawn in blue.[4] ai_simulate_task_overtime 0 ai_spread_cone_focus_time 0 ai_spread_defocused_cone_multiplier 3 ai_spread_pattern_focus_time 0 ai_step NComputers will certainly freeze after completing their current task. To complete the following task, use ai_step aobtain. To resume processing usually usage ai_resume.[4] ai_strong_optimizations 0 ai_strong_optimizations_no_checkstand 0 ai_task_pre_manuscript 0 ai_test_los Test AI LOS from the player"s POV ai_test_moveprobe_ignorelittle 0 ai_think_limit_label 0 ai_use_clipped_routes 1 ai_use_efficiency 1 ai_use_frame_think_borders 1 ai_use_think_optimizations 1 ai_use_visibility_cache 1 ai_vehicle_avoidance 1 Да ainet_generate_report Generate a report to the console. ainet_generate_report_only Geneprice a report to the console. air_density Changes the density of air for drag computations. alias Псевдоним команды. all_pick_force_test 0 -alt1 +alt1 -alt2 +alt2 anim_3wayblfinish 1 Toggle the 3-way computer animation blfinishing code. anim_showmaintask 0 Да Sexactly how the idle, walk, run, and/or sprint activities. askconnect_accept Accept a redirect research by the server. asw_engine_finished_building_map Notify engine that we"ve finished building a map. async_allow_held_files 1 Allow AsyncBegin/EndRead() async_mode 0 Set the async filemechanism mode (0 = async, 1 = synchronous) async_resume async_serialize 0 Force async reads to serialize for profiling async_simulate_delay 0 Simulate a delay of as much as a collection msec per file operation async_suspend +attack -attack -attack2 +attack2 audit_save_in_memory Audit the memory consumption and documents in the save-to-memory device autoaim_max_deflect 0 autoaim_max_dist 2160 autoconserve Автосохранение autosavedangerous Опасное автосохранение autosavedangerousissafe

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Command Default Value Cheat? Help Text -ago +back banid Add a user ID to the ban list. banip Add an IP attend to to the ban list. bench_end Ends gathering of information. bench_showstatsdialog Shows a dialog displaying the the majority of current benchnote results. bench_start Starts gathering of details. Arguments: filename to create results into bench_uppack Uptons the majority of current benchmark stats to the Valve servers. benchstructure Takes a photo of a particular structure in a time demo. bind Bind a crucial. BindToggle Performs a bind "increment var 0 1 1" blackbox 0 blackbox_dump Dump the contents of the blackbox blackbox_record Record an entry into the blackbox BlendBonesSetting 2 blink_duration 0 How many secs an eye battach will last. bot_mimic 0 Bot offers usercmd of player by index. box Draw a debug box. -break +break breakable_disable_gib_limit 0 breakable_multiplayer 1 broadcaster_openmenu buddha Toggle. Player takes damage yet will not die (Shows red cross as soon as health is zero). budobtain budget budget_averages_window 30 Number of frames to look at as soon as figuring out average frametimes. budget_background_alpha 128 How translucent the budacquire panel is. budget_bargraph_background_alpha 128 How translucent the budgain panel is. budget_bargraph_range_ms 16 Spending Plan bargraph variety in millisecs. budget_history_numsamplesvisible 100 Number of samples to attract in the budgain background home window. The reduced the much better as much as rendering overhead of the budobtain panel

(incomplete description)

budget_history_range_ms 66 Budget history selection in millisecs budget_panel_bottom_of_history_fractivity 0 Number in between 0 and also 1 budget_panel_height 384 Height in pixels of the budget panel budget_panel_width 512 Width in pixels of the budget panel budget_panel_x 0 Number of pixels from the left side of the game display screen to draw the budget panel. budget_panel_y 50 Number of pixels from the optimal side of the game display screen to draw the budacquire panel. budget_peaks_home window 30 Number of frames to look at as soon as figuring out top frametimes. budget_show_averages 0 Enable/disable avereras in the budobtain panel. budget_show_background 1 Turn background graph off and also on. Good to rotate off on low finish. budget_show_peaks 1 Enable/disable peaks in the budacquire panel. budget_toggle_team Turn a budobtain group on/off. bug Sjust how the bug reporting UI. bug_swap Automatically swaps the current weapon for the bug bait and ago aget. bugreporter_console_bytes 15000 Max # of consingle bytes to put into bug report body (full text still attached). bugreporter_includebsp 1 Include .bsp for internal bug subobjectives. bugreporter_snapshot_delay 0 Frames to delay prior to taking snapswarm. bugreporter_uploadasync 0 Uppack attachments asynchronously. bugreporter_username 0 Username to usage for bugreporter. buildcubemaps Reconstruct cubemaps. building_cubemaps 0

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Command also Default Value Cheat? Aid Text c_maxdistance 200 c_maxpitch 90 c_maxyaw 135 c_mindistance 30 c_minpitch 0 c_minyaw -135 c_orthoheight 100 c_orthowidth 100 c_thirdpersonshoulder 0 c_thirdpersonshoulderaimdist 120 c_thirdpersonshoulderdist 40 c_thirdpersonshoulderheight 5 c_thirdpersonshoulderbalance out 20 cache_print cache_print
. Publish out contents of cache memory. cache_print_lru cache_print_lru
. Publish out contents of cache memory. cache_print_summary cache_print_summary
. Publish out an introduction contents of cache memory. cam_collision 1 When in thirdperboy and cam_collision is collection to 1, an attempt is made to save the electronic camera from passing though wall surfaces. cam_command also Tells electronic camera to readjust settings. cam_idealdelta 4 Controls the rate as soon as corresponding balance out to best angles in thirdperboy view. cam_idealdist 150 cam_ideallag 4 Amount of lag offered when equivalent balance out to ideal angles in thirdperboy view. cam_idealpitch 0 cam_idealyaw 0 cam_showangles 0 Да When in thirdperkid, print viewangles/idealangles/cameraoffsets to the console. cam_snapto 0 -camdistance +camdistance +cameragrip -cameragrip +camin -camin +cammousemove -cammouserelocate camortho Switch to orthographic electronic camera. -camout +camout +campitchdown -campitchdvery own +campitchup -campitchup +camyawleft -camyawleft +camyawbest -camyawright can_show_full_ui Check display complete UI stat. cancelpick cc_captiontrace 1 Sjust how missing closecaptions (0 = no, 1 = devconsole, 2 = present in hud) cast_hull Tests hull collision detection. cast_ray Tests collision detection. cc_captiontrace 1 Sexactly how missing closecaptions (0 = no, 1 = devconsingle, 2 = present in hud) cc_emit Emits a closed inscription. cc_findsound Searches for soundname which emits mentioned text. cc_flush Flushes async"d captions. cc_lang 0 Current cshed caption language (emtpy = usage game UI language). cc_linger_time 1 Cshed inscription linger time. cc_minvisibleitems 1 Minimum number of inscription items to present. cc_norepeat 5 In multiplayer games do not repeat captions even more regularly than this many kind of secs. cc_predisplay_time 0 Cshed caption delay prior to mirroring caption. cc_random Emits a random inscription cc_sentencecaptionnorepeat 4 How frequently a sentence deserve to repeat. cc_showblocks Toggles mirroring which blocks are pending/loaded async. cc_showmissing 0 Sjust how missing closeinscription entries. cc_subtitles 0 If set, don"t present sound result captions, simply voice overs (i.e., will not aid hearing impaired players). centercheck out ch_createairboat Spawn airwatercraft in front of the player. ch_createjeep Spawn jeep in front of the player. changelevel Change server to the stated map. changelevel2 Transition to the mentioned map in single player. chat_channel_debug Publish members of a chat channel. chat_clear Clears all chat history. chat_dump_channels chat_join Join a chat channel. chat_leave Leave a chat channel. chat_say Sfinish a message to the specified channel. chat_sound 0 If permitted play sound when receiving chat messeras. chat_wheel_phrase_0 8 chat_wheel_phrase_1 1 chat_wheel_phrase_2 2 chat_wheel_phrase_3 3 chat_wheel_phrase_4 4 chat_wheel_phrase_5 5 chat_wheel_phrase_6 6 chat_wheel_phrase_7 7 +chatwheel Opens chatwheel food selection while held. -chatwheel Executes the highlighted chatwheel food selection item. chatwheel_say Sfinish a chatwheel message. Usage: chatwheel_say chet_debug_idle 0 1 = many debug prints to help track dvery own the TLK_IDLE issue. 2 = super verbose info. circle_paintsplat_alpha_balance out 1 Да Alpha offset from max radius of the splat circle, -1 = no offset circle_paintsplat_prejudice 0 Да Change bias value for computing circle buffer. circle_paintsplat_enabled 1 Да circle_paintsplat_max_alpha_noise 128 Да Max noise value of circle alpha. circle_paintsplat_noise_enabled 1 Да circle_paintsplat_radius 4 Да Change the radius of circle in paintmap. cl_aggregate_pshort articles 1 cl_allowdownpack 1 Client downtons customization papers. cl_allowupfill 1 Client uploads customization papers. cl_ambient_light_disableentities 0 Disable map ambient light entities. cl_anglespeedvital 0 cl_animationinfo Hud facet to research. cl_backrate 450 Да cl_biofeedback_collection_window 120 Number of seconds of biofeedago data to use in huguy player excitement calculation. cl_blobulator_freezing_max_metaball_radius 12 Setting this can produce more complex surdeals with on huge hitboxes at the cost of performance. cl_blurClearAlpha 0 0-255, but 0 has actually errors at the minute. cl_blurDebug 0 cl_blurPasses 1 cl_blurTapSize 0 cl_burninggibs 0 A burning player that gibs has actually burning gibs. cl_cache_sendtable 1 Cache sendtables. cl_camera_follow_bone_index -2 Да Index of the bone to follow. -2 = disabled. -1 = root bone. 0+ is bone index. cl_chat_active 0 cl_chatfilters 31 Stores the chat filter settings. cl_class 0 Default class as soon as joining a game. cl_clearhintbackground Clear memory of client side clues displayed to the player. cl_clock_correction 1 Да Enable/disable clock correction on the client. cl_clock_correction_adjustment_max_amount 200 Да **Sets the maximum number of milliseconds per second it is allowed to correct the client clock. It will certainly only correct this amount if the difference between the client and also server clock is equal to or larger than cl_clock_correction_adjustment_max_offset [5] cl_clock_correction_adjustment_max_balance out 90 Да **As the clock counter goes from cl_clock_correction_adjustment_min_balance out to this worth (in milliseconds), it moves in the direction of using cl_clock_correction_adjustment_max_amount of adjustment. That means, the response is small once the counter is tiny.[5] cl_clock_correction_adjustment_min_balance out 10 Да If the clock offset is much less than this amount (in milliseconds), then no clock correction is applied. cl_clock_correction_force_server_tick 999 Да Force clock correction to enhance the server tick + this balance out (-999 disables it). cl_clock_showdebugdetails 0 Да Sexactly how debugging details about the clock drift. cl_clockdrift_max_ms 150 Да Maximum number of millisecs the clock is allowed to drift before the client breaks its clock to the server"s. cl_clockdrift_max_ms_threadmode 0 Да Maximum number of millisecs the clock is permitted to drift prior to the client snaps its clock to the server"s. cl_cmdprice 30 Max variety of command also packets sent out to server per second. **More notes: cl_cmdprice and cl_updaterate are clamped in between 20 - 40 on server side. Modifying this worth exterior the variety will certainly yield no additional advantage to the netoccupational link between the server and also client. [6] cl_colorfastcourse 0 cl_customsounds 0 Enable customized player sound playago. cl_demoviewoverride 0 Override view in the time of demo playback. cl_detail_multiplier 1 Да Extra details to create. cl_detaildist 1024 Distance at which information props are no longer visible. cl_detailfade 400 Distance throughout which detail props fade in. cl_disable_ragdolls 0 Да cl_disable_water_render_targets 0 cl_dota_cd_captain_pick_time 10 Да cl_dota_cm_captain_pick_time 10 Да cl_dota_dump_econ_item_stringtable cl_dota_dump_modifier_stringtable cl_dota_showents Dump entity list to console. cl_dota_speech_announcer_holiday 0 Set to permit special seasonal announcer cl_dota_speech_spec_ancientassault 1 Set to 0 to prevent hearing "your primitive is under attack" lines. cl_dota_speech_spec_barracksstrike 1 Set to 0 to prevent hearing "your rax is under attack" lines. cl_dota_speech_spec_barracksdrops 1 Set to 0 to proccasion hearing "your rax has actually fallen" lines. cl_dota_speech_spec_enemybasedrops 1 Set to 0 to proccasion hearing "enemy"s tower/rax has actually fallen" lines. cl_dota_speech_spec_idles 1 Set to 0 to proccasion hearing announcers" idle lines. cl_dota_speech_spec_towerassault 1 Set to 0 to prevent hearing "your tower is under attack" lines. cl_dota_speech_spec_towerdrops 1 Set to 0 to proccasion hearing "your tower has actually fallen" lines. cl_downloadfilter 0 Determines which documents deserve to be downloaded from the server (all, , nosounds) cl_drawhud 1 Да Enable the rendering of the HUD. cl_drawleaf -1 Да cl_drawproduct 0 Да Draw a details product over the structure. cl_drawmonitors 1 cl_drawshadowtexture 0 Да cl_dump_particle_stats dump particle profiling information to particle_profile.csv. cl_dumpplayer Dumps information around a player. cl_dumpsplithacks Dump separation display screen workarounds. cl_ejectbrass 1 cl_enable_remote_splitdisplay screen 0 Allows viewing of nonneighborhood players in a break-up screen fashion. cl_ent_absbox Displays the client"s absbox for the entity under the crosshair. cl_ent_bbox Displays the client"s bounding box for the entity under the crosshair. cl_ent_rbox Displays the client"s render box for the entity under the crosshair. cl_entityreport 0 Да For debugging, draw entity claims to consingle. cl_extrapolate 0 Да Enable/disable extrapolation if interpolation background runs out. cl_extrapolate_amount 0 Да Set just how many kind of seconds the client will extrapolate entities for. cl_fastdetailsprites 1 Да Whether to usage new detail sprite mechanism cl_fasttempentcollision 5 cl_find_ent Find and also list all client entities via classnames that contain the mentioned substring. Format: cl_find_ent cl_find_ent_index Display information for clientside entity corresponding specified index. Format: cl_find_ent_index cl_flushentitypacket 0 Да For debugging. Force the engine to flush an entity packet. cl_forcepreload 0 Whether we must force preloading. cl_forwardspeed 450 Да cl_foundry_ShowEntityHighlights 1 cl_fullupday Forces the server to sfinish a full update packet cl_globallight_debug 0 cl_globallight_depth_prejudice -999 cl_globallight_expansion 200 cl_globallight_freeze 0 cl_globallight_orig_calc_frustum 1 cl_globallight_shadow_mode 2 cl_globallight_slope_scale_depth_predisposition -999 cl_globallight_use_alt_focus_area 0 cl_globallight_use_optimized_calc_frustum 1 cl_globallight_world_bottom_height 0 cl_globallight_world_top_height 1060 cl_idealpitchrange 0 cl_ignorepackets 0 Да Force client to disregard packets (for debugging). cl_check Dump information on all script entities via a given name. You can also specify by number. cl_interp 0 Sets the interpolation amount (bounded on low side by server interp ratio settings). cl_interp_all 0 Disable interpolation list optimizations. cl_interp_hermite 1 Да Set to zero execute disable hermite interpolation. cl_interp_npcs 0 Interpolate NCOMPUTER positions starting this many kind of seconds in previous (or cl_interp, if greater) cl_interp_ratio 2 Sets the interpolation amount (last amount is cl_interp_ratio/ cl_updaterate). cl_interp_threadmodeticks 0 Additional interpolation ticks to use once interpolating through threaded engine mode set. cl_jiggle_bone_debug 0 Да Display physics-based "jiggle bone" debugging information. cl_jiggle_bone_debug_pitch_constraints 0 Да Display physics-based "jiggle bone" debugging indevelopment. cl_jiggle_bone_debug_yaw_constraints 0 Да Display physics-based "jiggle bone" debugging indevelopment. cl_jiggle_bone_invert 0 Да cl_jiggle_bone_sanity 1 Proccasion jiggle bones from pointing straight amethod from their taracquire in case of numerical instcapacity. cl_lagcomp_errorcheck 0 Player index of various other player to examine for place errors. cl_lagcompensation 1 Perform server side lag compensation of weapon firing events. cl_language 0 Language (from Steam API). cl_leafsystemvis 0 Да cl_levelovercheck out 0 Да cl_leveloverviewmarker 0 Да cl_logofile 0 Spraysuggest logo decal. cl_maxrenderable_dist 3000 Да Max distance from the electronic camera at which points will certainly be rendered cl_modelfastroute 1 cl_mousepermit 1 cl_mouselook 1 Set to 1 to use mouse for look, 0 for key-board look. Cannot be set while connected to a server. cl_observercrosshair 1 cl_overdraw_test 0 Да cl_panelanimation blank for all panels>. cl_particle_batch_mode 1 cl_particle_fallback_base 4 Base for falling earlier to cheaper impacts under fill. cl_particle_fallback_multiplier 0 Multiplier for falling ago to cheaper results under pack. cl_particle_forceinstantiate 0 Да Force impacts to simulate when far off display screen. cl_particle_sim_fallback_base_multiplier 5 How aggressive the switch to fallbacks will be depending on exactly how much over the

cl_particle_sim_fallback_threshold_ms the sim time.

cl_particle_sim_fallback_threshold_ms 6 Amount of simulation time that can elapse prior to new systems start falling back to cheaper versions. cl_particle_simulate 1 Да Enables/Disables Pwrite-up Simulation cl_particles_dump_effects cl_particles_dumplist Dump all new pshort articles, optional name substring. cl_particles_show_bbox 0 Да cl_particles_show_controlpoints 0 Да cl_pcourse 0 Да Dump entity by prediction classname. cl_pdump -1 Да Dump information around this entity to screen. cl_phys_block_dist 1 cl_phys_block_fractivity 0 cl_phys_maxticks 3 Sets the max variety of physics ticks permitted for client-side physics (ragdolls). cl_phys_timerange 1 Да Sets the range of time for client-side physics (ragdolls). cl_pitchdvery own 89 Да cl_pitchspeed 225 cl_pitchup 89 Да cl_playback_screenshots 0 Allows the client to playago screenshot and also jpeg regulates in demos. cl_playerspraydisable 0 Disable player sprays. cl_precachedetails Show precache details (client). cl_pred_doresetlatch 1 cl_pred_error_verbose 0 Sjust how more area info as soon as spewing prediction errors. cl_pred_optimize 2 Optimize for not copying data if didn"t get a network update (1), and additionally for not repredicting if there were no errors (2) cl_pred_track : Track changes to entity index entindex, for field fieldname. cl_predict 0 Да Perdevelop client side prediction. cl_predictioncopy_explain Describe datamap_t for entindex cl_predictionlist 0 Да Sjust how which entities are predicting cl_predictweapons 1 Perdevelop client side prediction of weapon effects. cl_ragdoll_collide 0 cl_ragdoll_gravity 386 Да Sets the gravity client-side ragdolls. cl_removedecals Remove the decals from the entity under the crosshair. cl_report_soundpatch Reports client-side sound patch count. cl_resend 6 Delay in secs prior to the client will resend the affix attempt. cl_retire_low_priority_lights 0 Low priority dlights are reput by high priority ones. cl_rr_reloadresponsedevices Refill all response system scripts. cl_screenshotname 0 Custom Screenswarm name cl_manuscript Run the text as a script. cl_script_execute Run a vmanuscript file. cl_sendtable_cache_filename 0 Sfinish tables cache file. cl_SetupAllBones 0 cl_shadowtextureoverlaysize 512 Да cl_shadowtextureoverlayx 200 Да cl_shadowtextureoverlayy 100 Да cl_show_bounds_errors 0 cl_show_clientmessage 0 Sexactly how protobuf client messages. cl_show_splashes 1 cl_show_usermessage 0 Shows the incoming user messeras for this client and also dumps them out the kind and dimension of the messages to the consingle. Setting t (incomplete description) cl_showanimstate_activities 1 Да Sjust how tasks in the (client) animation state display screen. cl_ShowBoneSetupEnts 0 Show which entities are having actually their bones setup each frame. cl_showdemooverlay 0 How frequently to flash demo recording/playago overlay (0 - disable overlay, -1 - show always) cl_showents Dump entity list to consingle. cl_showerror 0 Show prediction errors, 2 for over plus detailed field deltas. cl_showevents 0 Да Publish event firing information in the console cl_showfps 0 Draw fps meter at top of display screen (1 = fps, 2 = smooth fps, 3 = server MS, 4 = Sexactly how FPS and also Log to file ) cl_showhelp 1 Set to 0 to not show on-display screen help cl_showncustomtabhelp 0 cl_showpausedphoto 1 Sjust how the "Paused" picture as soon as game is paused. cl_showpluginmessperiods 1 Allow plugins to screen messperiods to you cl_showpos 0 Draw existing place at height of display screen cl_ShowSunVectors 0 cl_showtextmsg 1 Enable/disable text messperiods printing on the screen. cl_sidespeed 450 Да cl_simdbones 0 Use SIMD bone setup. cl_singleplayernetworkbackdoor 0 Enable netjob-related optimizations for single player games. cl_skipfastcourse 0 Да Set to 1 to speak all models that go with the design rapid path from rendering. cl_skipslowcourse 0 Да Set to 1 to skip any models that do not go through the version fast path. cl_smooth 1 Smooth view/eye beginning after prediction errors. cl_smoothtime 0 Smooth client"s check out after prediction error over this many seconds. cl_sos_test_get_opvar cl_sos_test_set_opvar cl_soundemitter_flush Flushes the sounds.txt device (client only). cl_soundfile 0 Jingle sound file. cl_soundscape_flush Flushes the client side soundscapes. cl_soundscape_printdebuginfo Publish soundscapes. cl_spec_mode 1 Spectator mode. cl_spectator_cmdrate_factor 0 Rate multiplier as soon as linked by means of hltv. cl_spectator_interp_ratio 2 When connected to hltv or playing a demo, readjust the interp time by this proportion. cl_sporeclipdistance 512 Да cl_ss_origin print origin in manuscript format cl_sun_decay_price 0 Да cl_sunlight_depthbias 0 cl_sunlight_ortho_size 0 Да Set to values better than 0 for ortho watch render projections. cl_team 0 Default team as soon as joining a game cl_threaded_bone_setup 0 Enable parallel handling of C_BaseAnimating::SetupBones() cl_threaded_init 0 cl_timeout 30 After this many seconds without receiving a packet from the server, the client will certainly disconnect itself. cl_tlucfastcourse 1 cl_tracer_whiz_distance 72 cl_trade_steamid Trade through a perchild by Steam ID. cl_tree_sway_dir Sets tree guide wind direction and stamina. cl_updaterate 30 Number of packets per second of updates you are requesting from the server. **More notes: cl_cmdrate and also cl_updateprice are clamped in between 20 - 40 on server side. Modifying this worth exterior the variety will certainly yield no additional advantage to the network-related link in between the server and client. [6] cl_updatevisibility Updays visibility bits. cl_upspeed 320 Да cl_use_simd_bones 1 1 usage SIMD bones, 0 usage scalar bones. cl_watch Set the check out entity index. cl_voice_buffer_time 0 Amount of time in between receiving voice data and playing the audio. cl_voice_filter 0 Filter voice by name substring. cl_voice_hltv_buffer_time 1 Amount of time in between receiving voice data and also playing the audio as soon as watching HLTV. cl_voice_team_filter -1 Filter voice by team index. cl_winddir 0 Да Weather effects wind direction angle. cl_windspeed 0 Да Weather impacts wind rate scalar. cl_yawspeed 210 clear Clear all console output. clear_debug_overlays Clears debug overlays. clientport 27005 Host game client port clientportany kind of 0 If collection, usage device allocated port. closecaption 0 Enable close captioning. cloth_debug 0 cloth_editor cloth_editor cloth_force Creates a test force cloth_max_pressure 5000 cloth_reload Repack towel documents cloth_simulate 1 cloth_static Set cloth to a static pose cloth_test 1 cloth_upday 1 cmd Forward command to server. cmd1 Sets userdetails string for separation display screen player in slot 1. cmd2 Sets userinfo string for break-up display player in slot 2. cmd3 Sets userdetails string for break-up display screen player in slot 3. cmd4 Sets userdetails string for separation screen player in slot 4. coach_toggle_studentwatch Toggle in and out of in-perspective watch of your student. Toggling in will go back to the student you were last in the perspective. col_viz Collision visualizer regulates. collision_shake_amp 0 collision_shake_freq 0 collision_shake_time 0 collision_test 0 Tests collision system. colorcorrectionui Show/hide the shade correction tools UI. combine_disp_imeras combine_disp_imperiods +commandermousemove -commandermousemove commentary 0 Desired commentary mode state. commentary_available 0 Automatically set by the game when a commentary file is easily accessible for the present map. commentary_cvarsnottransforming commentary_finishnode commentary_firstrun 0 commentary_showmodelviewer Display the commentary version viewer. Usage: commentary_showmodelviewer commentary_testfirstrun con_drawnotify 1 Disables illustration of alert location (for taking screenshots). con_enable 0 Allows the console to be triggered. con_filter_permit 0 Filters console output based upon the setting of con_filter_message. 1 filters completely, 2 displays filtered text brighter than ot (infinish description) con_filter_message 0 Text through which to filter consingle spew. Set con_filter_permit 1 or 2 to activate. con_filter_text_out 0 Text via which to filter OUT of consingle spew. Set con_filter_allow 1 or 2 to activate. con_logfile 0 Consingle output gets written to this file. con_notifytime 8 How long to screen recent console text to the upper part of the game window. con_nprint_bgalpha 50 Con_NPublish background alpha. con_nprint_bgborder 5 Con_NPrint border dimension. con_timestamp 0 Prefix console.log entries through timestamps con_map 0 Publish consingle message to low level printout. condump dump the text currently in the console to condumpXX.log affix Connect to stated server. contimes 8 Number of consingle lines to overlay for debugging. coop 0 Cooperative play. cpu_level 0 CPU Level - Default: High. crash Causage the engine to crash (Debug!!). crash_assert 0 Да Modifies all crash_* commands to cause an assertion faiattract. 0 = off, 1 = assert then crash, 2 = assert and also skip the crash. crash_error Causage the engine to crash by spewing an error (Debug!!). crash_project Causage the engine to crash in a task thread (Debug!!). crash_thread Causage the engine to crash in a brand also brand-new non-main threview (Debug!!) create_flashlight CreatePredictionError Create a prediction error. creditsdone crosshair 1 cvarlist Show the list of convars/conregulates. cw_alignment 0 cw_image_elevation 12 cw_image_width 12 cw_vspace -8

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Command Default Value Cheat? Assistance Text das_max_z_trace_size 72 Maximum height of player and still test for adsp. das_process_overhang_spaces 0 datacachesize 32 Size in MB. dbghist_addline Add a line to the debug background. Format: . dbghist_dump Dump the debug background to the console. Format: . Categories: 0 - Entity I/O, 1 - AI Decisions, 2 - Sc (infinish description) deathcomplement 0 Running a deathmatch server. debug_circle_splat 0 Да debug_materialmodifycontrol 0 debug_materialmodifycontrol_client 0 debug_overlay_fullplace 0 debug_paint_seam 0 Да debug_physaffect 0 debugsystemui Да Show/hide the debug device UI. decalfrequency 10 default_fov 90 Да demo_analyze 0 Да demo_analyze_all Runs demo_analyze on all demo documents discovered in the dota/demo_analysis/ catalog. demo_analyze_running 0 Да demo_avellimit 2000 Angular velocity limit prior to eyes taken into consideration snapped for demo playback. demo_fastforwardfinalrate 20 Go this quick as soon as founding to hold FF switch. demo_fastforwardramptime 5 How many secs it takes to get to full FF rate. demo_fastforwardstartrate 2 Go this rapid when beginning to organize FF switch. demo_goto Skips to area in demo. demo_gototick Skips to a tick in demo. demo_details Print information around presently playing demo. demo_interplimit 4000 How a lot beginning velocity before it"s taken into consideration to have actually "teleported" leading to interpolation to recollection. demo_interpolatecheck out 1 Do view interpolation during dem playago. demo_pausage Pasupplies demo playearlier. demo_pauseatservertick 0 Paoffers demo playago at server tick. demo_quitafterplayago 0 Quits game after demo playearlier. demo_recordregulates 1 Да Record regulates typed at console right into .dem documents. demo_resume Resumes demo playago. demo_timescale Sets demo replay speed. demo_togglepausage Toggles demo playearlier. demo_usefastgoto 1 Use quick structure skipping when obtainable for demo_goto commands. demo_writefullupdate_price 60 Interval time in secs to create complete updays to demo. demolist Print demo sequence list. demos Demo demo file sequence. dev_simulate_gcdvery own Turn on/off simulated GC interactions faitempt (GC is down in a means that we know it is down). dev_simulate_gcdown_server Turn on/off simulated GC communications failure (GC is down in a method that we understand it is down). developer 0 Set developer message level devshots_nextmap Used by the devshots device to go to the next map in the devshots maplist. devshots_screenshot Used by the -makedevshots device to take a screenshot. For taking your very own screenshots, usage the screenshot command rather. distinctions Sexactly how all convars which are not at their default values. diretide_password 0 Password supplied to discover diretide matches. disable_static_prop_loading 0 Да If non-zero when a map tons, static props won"t be loaded. disattach Disattach game from server. disp_dynamic 0 dispcoll_drawaircraft 0 display_elapsedtime Displays exactly how a lot time has actually elapsed because the game began. display_game_events 0 Да displaysoundlist dlight_debug Creates a dlight in front of the player. dota_ability_autoactors dota_ability_debug 0 Да dota_ability_dump_refcounts Dumps the modifier refcounts of all hero abilities. -dota_ability_execute +dota_ability_execute dota_ability_execute dota_ability_learn_mode Get in the mode where capacity points have the right to be spent. dota_ability_legacy_mode_quick_actors 0 dota_ability_quick_cast 1 dota_ability_quickcast dota_ability_refcount_modifiers 0 Да dota_ability_self_cast_timeout 0 Maximum time between clicks to execute self-cast before a timeout. dota_all_vision 0 Да dota_allow_clientside_entities 1 dota_allow_clientside_pposts 1 dota_allow_invalid_orders 0 Да dota_allow_orders_while_paprovided 0 Да dota_allow_pause_in_enhance 1 Allow players to pause in matchmade games. dota_always_show_player_names 0 Всегда отображать ники игроков. dota_ambient_creatures 1 dota_ambient_creatures_pop 1 dota_animation_force_modifier 0 dota_animation_run dota_announcer_idle_speech_deathwait 45 Да This many kind of secs must pass after a hero dies for an announcer to take into consideration saying idle lines. dota_announcer_idle_speech_debug 0 Да If true print debug information about why announcers perform or do not idle. dota_announcer_idle_speech_herodamage_limit 250 Да If any kind of hero has actually taken even more than this many kind of hitpoints of damage newly no idles play. dota_announcer_idle_speech_herodamage_window 45 Yes If any type of hero has taken even more than dota_announcer_idle_speech_herodamage_limit hitpoints of damages in

this many kind of seconds no idles.

dota_announcer_idle_speech_interval 240 Да After an announcer has actually shelp an idle line another can"t play for at leastern this many type of secs. dota_announcer_idle_speech_minwait 20 Да Announcers won"t say idle speech unmuch less at least this many type of seconds passed given that the last time they shelp somepoint. dota_announcer_idle_speech_starttime 240 Да This many secs have to have passed because begin of game before announcers poll for idle speech. dota_apm dota_auto_affix 0 Automatically affix to the specified server forever before dota_auto_create_proxy 0 Automatically produce a proxy dota_autoselect_bots 0 Да If set, new bots will be autoschosen. This is for the item icon editor. dota_autoselect_entity 0 Да If set, brand-new bots of the offered type will certainly be autoselected. This is for the item icon editor. dota_bio_debug 0 Sjust how SCL value in UI dota_bot_chat_throttle_duration 4 dota_bot_client_debug 0 Draw some standard client-side debug information for each hero. dota_bot_debug_assemble 0 Да dota_bot_debug_clear Disables all bot debugging. dota_bot_debug_clear_all Disables all bot debugging. dota_bot_debug_grid 0 dota_bot_debug_grid_cycle Cycles with grid settings. dota_bot_debug_lanes 0 dota_bot_debug_minimap 0 dota_bot_debug_minimap_cycle Cycles via various minimap debug modes. dota_bot_debug_overview 0 dota_bot_debug_overview_toggle Toggles overview of all bot condition dota_bot_debug_course 0 Да dota_bot_debug_path_avg 0 Да dota_bot_debug_path_draw 0 Да dota_bot_debug_pathing 0 dota_bot_debug_potential_place 0 dota_bot_disable 1 Да dota_bot_disable_test 0 dota_bot_disconnect_player Disconnects the player owner of all bots dota_bot_dump_state Dumps the entire bot state to the client dota_bot_failed_pathfind_warnings 0 Да dota_bot_force_pick 0 dota_bot_give_gold Gives all bots the stated amount of gold. dota_bot_give_item Creates an object for all bots. dota_bot_give_level Gives all bots the stated number of levels. dota_bot_level 0 If set,bots will be set to the level mentioned via appropriate gold on game begin. dota_bot_match_difficulty 2 Difficulty to play coop bot matches against. dota_bot_match_game_settings 2 Bit masks of game settings to search for in co-op bot matchmaking. dota_bot_mode 0 dota_bot_populate Populates the remaining slots with bots. dota_bot_potential_debug Displays potential locations for this bot. dota_bot_practice_challenge 1 Default obstacle for quick bot exercise games. dota_bot_practice_gamemode 1 Default game mode for bot practice games, AP = 1. dota_bot_practice_begin 0 Whether to begin a regional game as soon as the map lots. dota_bot_practice_team 0 Default team for quick bot exercise games. dota_bot_purchase_item_permit 1 dota_bot_select_debug Displays general bot debugging information. dota_bot_select_debug_gank Displays gank bot debugging information. dota_bot_set_obstacle Sets all bots to a details obstacle (0 = basic, 1 = tool, 2 = tough, 3 = unfair). dota_bot_takeover_disconnected 0 Да dota_bot_tutorial_boss 1 dota_broadcast_debug 0 dota_broadcaster_channel_country_name 0 Broadcaster channel nation name. dota_broadcaster_channel_summary 0 Broadcaster channel summary. dota_building_defended_radius 800 Да dota_building_health_loss_warn_interval 9 Да Minimum secs between announcer warning a details structure is under attack. dota_button_fade_in_time 0 dota_button_ready_fade_time 0 dota_button_ready_start_alpha 100 dota_button_unlearned_saturation 0 dota_camera_different ? Удалена из игры dota_camera_acceleprice 50 dota_camera_facility Центрировать камеру на герое. dota_camera_disable_yaw 1 dota_camera_disable_zoom 0 Приближение на колесико мыши dota_camera_distance 1200 Да dota_camera_drag_rate 1 dota_camera_dotatv_smooth_drag 1 dota_camera_dotatv_smooth_drag_drag 0 dota_camera_dotatv_smooth_drag_inverse 0 dota_camera_dotatv_smooth_drag_max_speed 25 dota_camera_drag_rate 1 dota_camera_edgerelocate 1 -dota_camera_follow +dota_camera_follow dota_camera_follow_doublepress_time 0 dota_camera_getpos Gets the electronic camera place dota_camera_heightmap 1 dota_camera_hero_inspector_camera_height_percent 0 % of the hero"s hitbox elevation. dota_camera_hero_inspector_camera_lookat_height_percentage 0 % of the hero"s hitbox height. dota_camera_hero_inspector_dist_max 1000 dota_camera_hero_inspector_dist_min 150 dota_camera_hero_inspector_drag_scale 1 dota_camera_hero_inspector_drag_speed_const 100 dota_camera_hero_inspector_drag_yaw_max 89 dota_camera_hero_inspector_drag_yaw_min -60 dota_camera_hero_inspector_duration 0 dota_camera_hero_inspector_fog_end_max 2200 dota_camera_hero_inspector_fog_end_min 1700 dota_camera_hero_inspector_fog_start_max 1200 dota_camera_hero_inspector_fog_start_min 500 dota_camera_hero_inspector_fov_default 60 dota_camera_hero_inspector_fov_max 80 dota_camera_hero_inspector_fov_min 50 dota_camera_hero_inspector_mousewheel_direction_multiplier 0 dota_camera_hero_inspector_mousewheel_frametime_multiplier 2 dota_camera_hero_inspector_mousewheel_process_interval 0 dota_camera_hero_inspector_speed_const 3 dota_camera_hero_inspector_zfar_max 4000 dota_camera_hero_inspector_zfar_min 3500 dota_camera_lerp_duration 2 dota_camera_listening_counter 700 dota_camera_lock 0 **Centers the video camera on the presently schosen unit. The camera can no much longer be relocated approximately through relocating the mouse to the edges of the screen. If another unit gets schosen, the camera centers on this unit. There is no electronic camera smoothing in this mode, which implies that the video camera will instantly follow if the unit ports around. dota_camera_lock_mouse_lead 220 dota_camera_lock_view_helper 1 dota_camera_lock_view_helper_proportion 0 dota_camera_reverse 0 dota_camera_setpos Sets the electronic camera position. dota_camera_sixense_center_on_hero 0 dota_camera_sixense_grab_speed 3 dota_camera_sixense_invert_grab 1 dota_camera_sixense_invert_pan 0 dota_camera_sixense_pan_expo 1 dota_camera_sixense_pan_speed 4000 dota_camera_smart_follow_drag_distance 500 dota_camera_smart_follow_edge_distance 500 dota_camera_smart_follow_offset_reset 8 dota_camera_smart_follow_offset_time 1 dota_camera_smooth_count 8 dota_camera_smooth_distance 96 dota_camera_smooth_allow 1 dota_camera_smooth_sample_timer 0 dota_camera_smooth_time 0 dota_camera_spectate_distance 1600 Да dota_camera_rate 3000 Скорость прокрутки камеры по краю экрана. dota_camera_stage_fov 15 dota_camera_stage_pitch 0 dota_camera_stage_revolve 0 dota_camera_stage_x 25 dota_camera_stage_y -600 dota_camera_stage_yaw 90 dota_camera_stage_z 225 dota_camera_yaw_rotate_hold_time 1 dota_camera_yaw_rotate_rate 0 dota_cancel_GG dota_cd_captain_pick_time 10 Да dota_cd_pick_time 150 Да dota_cd_pool_size 24 Да dota_center_message Да Sexactly how a message in the facility of the display. dota_chat_test 0 Publish some text to the chat. dota_cheap_water 0 dota_clickmove_instant_restart 0 Show clicks in the civilization in different manner. dota_client_filesystem_warnings 0 Set fs_warning_level and also fs_warning_mode to warn on synchronous file warnings. dota_cm_captain_pick_time 10 Да dota_cm_claim_hero_test dota_cm_setup_test dota_combatlog_dump dota_combatlog_summary dota_combatlog_update dota_combine_models 1 dota_commander_report Prints a snapshot of the commander"s state. dota_companion_allow 0 dota_competitive_game_modes 65536 Bit masks of game settings to search for in ranked matchmaking. +dota_control_team -dota_control_team dota_courier_burst Hey courier, go go go! dota_courier_supply Hey courier, carry me my stuff. dota_create_bot_wearing_item Creates a bot wearing a provided item def index. dota_create_bot_wearing_set Creates a bot wearing a offered collection of items from a bundle object. dota_create_fake_clients Populates the remaining slots through fake clients. dota_create_hero_version Creates a hero version. dota_create_item Creates a things for the selected unit. dota_create_lan_lobby Create a LAN lobby. dota_create_modified_unit Creates a unit via a mesh modifier. dota_create_neutral_hero Creates a unit. dota_create_unit Creates a unit. dota_credits_fade_delay 1 dota_credits_fade_time 2 dota_credits_interval 2 dota_credits_scroll_time 23 dota_creep_stack_nearby_hero_radius 3000 dota_creeps_no_spawning 0 Да dota_custom_channels 0 List of tradition networks to join on startup. dota_custom_game_win_score 11 dota_cycle_selected dota_damage_flash 1 Flash when adversaries take damage from the player. dota_dashboard 0 Enable dota dashboard. dota_dead_unit_delete_time 1 Да dota_dead_unit_disappear_time 4 Да dota_debug_global_light 0 Да dota_debug_location_x 0 dota_debug_location_y 0 dota_debug_rewardanim Test a reward animation. Parameter have to be the item ID of the item to screen. dota_debug_so_cache 0 Log SO cache messages. dota_debug_stuck 0 Да dota_debug_today_message_sorting 0 Print out unsorted and also sorted this particular day messeras to the console. dota_default_gold 625 Да dota_demo_mode 0 dota_demo_mode_time 15 dota_dev DotA dev commands dota_director_debug 0 dota_director_shoulder_view_possibility 10 dota_disable_bot_lane 0 dota_disable_mid_lane 0 dota_disable_range_finder 0 **Value "1" makes you check out the range of your skills by hovering their symbols. Value "0" makes them visible while selecting target. dota_disable_showcase_view_button 0 Disable the Showsituation View switch unless sv_cheats is permitted. dota_disable_top_lane 0 dota_disable_unit_ring 0 dota_dump_all_player_stats dota_dump_bot_state dota_dump_buff_message_count dota_dump_creep_stats Displays stats on creep denies/lasthits/kills. dota_dump_inventory dota_dump_keybindings 0 dota_dump_server_inventory dota_dump_tournament Dump tournament state dota_easy_mode 0 dota_econ_randomiseitems Randomises the items on the hero under your cursor. dota_effective_creep_spawn_time 0 Да If non-zero, the time the creep spawner offers for deciding what to spawn. dota_embers 1 dota_endgame_cinematic_disable 0 dota_enemy_color_b 0 dota_enemy_color_b_cb 0 dota_enemy_color_g 0 dota_enemy_color_g_cb 0 dota_enemy_color_r 0 dota_enemy_color_r_cb 1 dota_entity_count_grace_thresorganize 128 Number of entities to reserve when we"re obtaining cshed to the limit. Stops some entities from spawning. dota_equip_fan_item dota_fake_battle_bonus 0 Да dota_fanfare_disable 0 dota_fantasy_draft_early_entry_time 5 Да Time displayed for just how at an early stage you deserve to enter a fantasy draft before it starts. dota_fantasy_stat_update_interval 10 Да How regularly the server updays the GC via player fantasy stats. dota_fill_empty_slots_with_bots 0 Set automatically by matchmaking to fill slots via bots. dota_find_source_tv_games Repursuit game news from the GC. dota_force_bot_cycle 0 Set instantly by matchmaking to fill slots through bots. dota_force_cooldvery own 0 dota_force_end_scores 0 Да dota_force_gamemode 1 Force the game mode to a details one. AP = 1, CM = 2, RD = 3, SD = 4, INTRO = 6, HW = 7, REVERSE CM = 8, XMAS = 9. dota_force_night 0 Да dota_force_pick_enable 0 dota_force_right_click_strike 0 Позволяет добивать союзных крипов/героев правой кнопкой мыши dota_force_upload_match_stats 0 Да If allowed, server will certainly upload enhance stats even when tright here aren"t humale players on each side. dota_fountain_idle_minimum_time 600 How lengthy into the game we must be prior to we boot players for being intentionally idle. dota_fow_grid_dimension 64 dota_free_video camera 0 dota_free_ids Shows next complimentary ID for items, abilities and heroes. dota_friendly_color_b 0 dota_friendly_color_b_cb 1 dota_friendly_color_g 0 dota_friendly_color_g_cb 0 dota_friendly_color_r 0 dota_friendly_color_r_cb 0 dota_full_ui 1 Unlock the complete UI. dota_game_account_debug Prints game account details. dota_gamescom_althack 0 QWE and also ASD + Alt = inventory keys. dota_gamestate Publish existing game state. dota_generalinfo_panel In game DOTA general indevelopment (HTML) panel. dota_gg_call_time dota_glyph Trigger the Glyph of Fortification for your team. dota_gold_redistribute_time 1 Да dota_greevil_black_essence -1 Да dota_greevil_blue_essence -1 Да dota_greevil_green_significance -1 Да dota_greevil_orange_significance -1 Да dota_greevil_purple_significance -1 Да dota_greevil_red_essence -1 Да dota_greevil_seed -1 Да dota_greevil_white_essence -1 Да dota_greevil_yellow_essence -1 Да dota_gridnav_present 0 Да dota_grinder_snap_to_damage 0 Да dota_hack_delay_start 0 dota_health_hurt_decay_time_max 0 dota_health_hurt_decay_time_min 0 dota_health_hurt_delay 0 dota_health_hurt_thresorganize 0 dota_health_marker_major_alpha 255 dota_health_marker_minor_alpha 128 dota_health_per_vertical_marker 250 Величина сегмента на шкале здоровья с делениями (при dota_hud_healthbars = 3). dota_health_regen_disable 0 Disable constant health and wellness rebirth. dota_height_fog_range 1 Да dota_hero_auto_graround 0 dota_hero_multiple_kill_time 18 dota_hero_selection_announcer_use_rr 1 If enabled, use response rules for hero selection announcer lines. dota_hero_toolguideline 1 Format of the hero toolpointer. 0 = Corner, 1 = Overhead, 2 = Inline overhead. dota_hero_undying_max_zombies 64 Maximum amount of zombies that have the right to be spawned. dota_heropicker_ad_select_time 10 Да dota_heropicker_ap_select_time 60 Да dota_heropicker_ar_select_time 10 Да dota_heropicker_fh_select_time 60 Да dota_heropicker_intro_select_time 180 Да dota_heropicker_rd_select_time 20 Да dota_heropicker_sd_select_time 60 Да dota_heropicker_tutorial_select_time 599 dota_hide_cursor 0 If set, mouse cursor is always covert. dota_hide_wearables 0 Да If set, wearables (default body parts) will be hidden. This is for the item symbol editor. dota_highlight_reel 0 dota_highlight_reel_debug 0 Да dota_highlight_reel_leadin_seconds 13 dota_highlight_reel_leadout_seconds 5 dota_highlight_reel_matchid 0 dota_highlight_reel_playerid -1 dota_highlight_reel_running_time 180 dota_host dota_html_panel 0 Enable dota html control in dashboard. dota_html_zoom 1 Scaling approach for HTML displays (0 = Bilinear Texture Scaling, 1 = CEF Pixel Accurate Zoom). dota_html_zoom_override 99 dota_hud_colorblind 0 Use shade blind versions HUD elements. dota_hud_debug_name_all_entities 0 If set, reflects debug names for all entities. dota_hud_flip 0 Hud layout with minimap on the best. dota_hud_healthbar_hoveroutline_alpha 200 Mouse float outline brightness on healthbars. dota_hud_healthbar_number 1 If set, your own hero"s wellness number will be presented on the floating wellness bar over his head. dota_hud_healthbar_number_critical 20 Percentage of health and wellness left before hitsuggest number turns red (value in between 1 - 100). dota_hud_healthbar_number_danger 40 Percentage of health and wellness left prior to hitpoint number transforms oselection (value in between 1 - 100). dota_hud_healthbars 3 Отображать шкалу здоровья: 0 = не отображать, 1 = сплошная без делений, 3 = с делениями. dota_hud_show_overhead_events 1 Sjust how Crit, Gold, XP, etc. Overhead Event Messperiods. dota_hud_unit_details 0 Sjust how wellness bars, and so on dota_hugeportrait 0 dota_ice_grip 500 dota_ice_grip_skates 2000 dota_ice_slide 1 dota_ice_slide_sabsence 25 dota_idle_acquire 1 Да dota_idle_rare_interval_max 25 Да dota_idle_rare_interval_min 15 Да dota_idle_time 300 How long a player requirements to be idle prior to he counts as disassociated. dota_ignore_nonfriend_guild_invites 0 If set, guild invites from non-friends are ignored. dota_ignore_nonfriend_invites 0 If collection, party invites from non-friends are ignored. dota_intro_mode 0 dota_inventory_combine_ground_items_radius 200 Да dota_invite_debug Prints neighborhood invite objects. dota_item_execute dota_item_free_disassemble_interval 10 Да dota_item_fullprice_buyback_interval 10 Да dota_item_quick_cast dota_joystick 0 dota_keybind_hero 0 dota_keybindings_cloud_disable 0 dota_kill_all_bots Destroys all bots. dota_kill_structures Kill buildings. dota_kill_creeps Kill creeps. dota_killcam_history_time 20 dota_killcam_show 0 dota_last_hit_multiple_kill_time 8 dota_learn_stats Spfinish an capability suggest on hero stats. dota_leaver_condition List leaver status of players. dota_legacy_demo_incorporate 1 dota_lenient_idle_time 480 How lengthy a player demands to be idle prior to he counts as disassociated during the finish steras of the game. dota_load_all_hero_sounds Loads all hero sound entries, for diagnostics. dota_loadgame dota_lobby_debug Prints regional lobby objects. dota_local_custom_difficulty 0 dota_local_custom_permit 0 dota_local_custom_game 0 dota_local_custom_map 0 dota_log_server_connection 1 Log relationships to the server. dota_log_server_connection_logfile 0 Name of the file to log server relations also. dota_magic_stick_enabled 0 dota_mana_regen_disable 0 Disable consistent mana regeration. dota_map_locations_debug Prints map location objects. dota_map_ping_multi_key_push 0 If true, we have the right to ping the map even if we have multiple secrets pressed on the key-board. Otherwise map pinging will certainly just take place if all (infinish description) dota_match_details Sjust how match details for a specific matchID. dota_match_game_modes 65564 Bit masks of game settings to search for in unranked matchmaking. dota_match_langueras 2 Bit masks of languages to search for in matchmaking. dota_match_map_preference 3 1 = Standard only, 2 = Themed map (if available), 3 = either. dota_matchgroups 2 Bit masks of complement groups to search in for matchmaking. dota_matchgroups_version 3 Used to reset matchgroups setting as soon as areas change. dota_max_disconnected_time 300 How lengthy a player requirements to be dislinked prior to he counts as a leaver and gets puniburned. dota_max_hero_select_time 90 How lengthy a player has to pick their hero prior to being noted as AFK. dota_max_invade_path_size 1000 Да dota_minimap_always_draw_hero_symbols 0 dota_minimap_create Does a bunch of occupational to develop a minimap. dota_minimap_creep_range 1 dota_minimap_draw_cocaster_electronic camera 1 dota_minimap_draw_fow 1 Да dota_minimap_filter_amount 0 dota_minimap_hero_name_shadowsize 8 dota_minimap_hero_scalar 0 dota_minimap_hero_scalar_distance 12 dota_minimap_hero_scalar_minimum 500 dota_minimap_hero_size 900 Размер иконок героев на миникарте. dota_minimap_hero_spreview 0 dota_minimap_hero_spread_distance 2 dota_minimap_hide_background 0 dota_minimap_misclick_time 0 Minimum time after the computer mouse enters the minimap before we accept a move command. Used to prevent misclicks. dota_minimap_ping_duration 3 dota_minimap_ping_tag_duration 10 dota_minimap_rune_dimension 500 dota_minimap_show_hero_symbol 1 If set, will certainly display hero symbols when you hold alt dvery own. dota_minimap_simple_colors 0 Включает двухцветное отображение существ на миникарте. dota_minimap_simple_filter 1 dota_minimap_tower_defend_distance 500 dota_minimap_use_dynamic_mesh 1 dota_modifier_debug 0 Да dota_modifier_dump Dump all modifiers on all entities. dota_modifier_test Creates a test modifier on unit: dota_modifier_test dota_mouse_spectator_window_lock 0 If enabled, computer mouse will be locked to the window as soon as ingame. dota_mouse_window_lock 1 If permitted, computer mouse will be locked to the home window as soon as ingame. dota_music_battle_debug 0 dota_music_battle_distance 1000 dota_music_battle_duration 2 dota_music_battle_enable 1 dota_music_battle_pre_time 2 dota_music_battle_rest_time 10 dota_music_battle_weight_cause 40 dota_music_enable_spectator_mode 1 dota_music_gank_enemy_timer 2 dota_music_spectator_battle_average 30 dota_music_spectator_battle_min 15 dota_music_spectator_debug_enable 0 dota_mute_cobroadcasters 0 dota_neutral_color_b 1 dota_neutral_color_b_cb 1 dota_neutral_color_g 1 dota_neutral_color_g_cb 1 dota_neutral_color_r 1 dota_neutral_color_r_cb 1 dota_neutral_initial_spawn_delay 30 Да Time after 0:00 to generate the initially wave of creeps. dota_neutral_spacing_radius 100 Да Range that neutrals will be spaced apart from each various other. dota_neutral_spawn_interval 60 Да Time between neutral creep camp respawns, beginning at 0:00. dota_new_user_keybind 0 dota_no_minimap 0 Отключает миникарту. dota_no_render 0 dota_no_simulate 0 dota_no_vgui 0 dota_ogs_report_interval 120 When in "heartbeat" dota_ogs_report_vprof mode, the variety of seconds between reports. dota_ogs_report_vprof 0 Control reporting of vprof data to ogs. 0 - no report, 1 - database report at end of game, 2 - report eextremely


dota_ogs_report_vprof_force_now experimentation only dota_ogs_report_vprof_fraction 0 If nonzero, then just one in this many servers will run vprof if dota_ogs_report_vprof is collection. dota_ogs_snapshot_interval 300 dota_old_client_projectile 0 dota_onstage_stat_cycle_beforehand 10 dota_onstage_stat_cycle_late 6 dota_onstage_stat_cycle_mid 8 dota_onstage_stat_end_early_game_mins 10 dota_onstage_stat_end_mid_game_mins 25 dota_orders_update_bots_automatically 1 Да dota_overhead_damage_threshold_percent 15 dota_pain_debug 0 dota_pain_decay 0 dota_pain_variable 3 dota_pain_fade_price 3 dota_pain_multiplier 0 dota_particle_fow_debug 0 Да dota_p
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