I want to pick up Doom because I like his kit and have fun with him but I can't seem to nail down exactly how I should play him. My laning phase always falls short of what I see other Dooms are capable of.

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Any tips / general gameplan for how to play a successful Doom this patch?


IF you get satyr early go max infernal blade and 1 point in SE. If you dont find satyr max SE and put only 1 point in Infernal Blade.

Having the Satyr makes an insane difference early game …

How to play any offlaner succesfully this patch: go dual offlane. no solo offlaner will win vs trilane unless hes like 2k mmr ahead of everyone else.

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Also dont but aghs terrible item

Aghs can be amazing since it stops passives. Late game it can entirely shutdown any hero in a team fight with its added duration.

It is situational however

In Laning, his play style revolves around his spells and the spells he gets from creeps. Eating the big Satyr gives you lots of regen, which allows you to trade more. Going for the Troll Summoner/Hellbear/Centaur gives you a lot more kill potential that synergizes with your skills. Every other jungle creep is meh or very situational imo (Wildwing's gust thing is like Doom's whole manapool + he gets a tiny bit of bonus armor from the passive, so I don't think it's all that good).

Always use Devour, even on lane creeps to keep your preferred creep spells while also getting bonus moolah. The bonus gold is invaluable. If you don't try to use Devour every time it is off cooldown, then you are really missing out. Sometimes I like to use it on barely alive creeps so I can get near instant bonus gold. Devour should always be used, but it should always be used carefully on jungle creeps because getting a spell you don't want can be very annoying.

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In lane, Doom pretty much just waits for his moment to get on you and nuke you down. Scorched Earth + Infernal Blade with a few rightclicks is a lot of damage even without a creep spell.

The biggest challenge of Doom is making the best use of the high CD Scorched Earth. It is such a great skill that gives you somewhat of an escape as well as kill potential and regen. It's very good and it should be used when you need to man up or escape. Do not use it to farm the jungle. I think that that's pretty much a waste of the skill because it has more potential to be used more actively, like to push a wave or kill a hero, so then why not use it for that? If you can kill heroes or push a lane, then why farm the jungle?

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