How To Play Minecraft Xbox 360 Offline ? Can My Grandson Play Minecraft Offline

When I try playing this game without my Xbox connected to the internet I can only play through the tutorial. I”ve played without it before so I don”t understand why I can”t now. Anyone know what”s going on and how I can fix this?




I boot up Minecraft from my Xbox that I don”t have connected to my router, then when it gets to the main menu and I try to start the game, it goes straight to the trial version of the game where it gives you a tutorial of how to play the game. I can only play the actual game when my Xbox is connected to XBL while I”m playing.

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Are you still signed in with the profile that purchased Minecraft? If not, that”s probably the reason.
If it”s a different Xbox console from the one you purchased Minecraft on, the license is associated with the first console, and you can only play offline mode on that Xbox, assuming XBLA games work like DLC. If you are playing on the console the license is associated with, you can play games and their DLC while offline, but not if it”s a different console than the one the license is associated to.My sister could use my Dragon Age DLC until I transferred the license to the new Xbox we got, and then she could. So that might be your problem.

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Yeah I”m pretty sure that”s my problem. Is there any way to transfer the rights of the game that you know of?
I was playing Minecraft perfectly fine while was disconnected to Xbox live. Maybe this is a rare occurence? or maybe it could be common, I don”t know.
Apparently kajillions of dollars isn”t enough, they have to nickel and dime people that already bought 2 xboxes from them and just want to play the damn games they paid for.Sucks when they release a mandatory update that ruins your save game you”ve been putting hundreds of hours into. Never buying anything from Microsoft on purpose again.

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you´re sharing the game right ? its normal when you buy the game on another xbox, then you switch to your xbox… sharing ~ so you buy the game on another console, or youre pirating the game with another gamertag XD
This is microsoft”s doing. This came from the recent minecraft update and xbox update. You can switch your profile to a new xbox, microsoft wants you all to buy new xbox”s. In create a profile you can download your gamertag/account from xbox live. This saves all the things you”ve bought and will let you re-download them to the console. But, microsoft is greedy and do not care about their gamers and they like to spy on their gamers. They want you to “be online” all the time, they want to discourage offline play, so they like to take away your choices while making it look like you have a choice because people buy things when they think they have more choices. What I hate is people saying things like “just gotta accept it, do it their way”, people that say that are part of the problem. Threaten to not buy their new products, say you”ll go to another gaming console that has no influence from microsoft. Say that your going to switch to macs and do away with microsoft. Make them change your gaming the way you want it, flood thier inboxes and mailboxes. Blast them on facebook. Oh there”s a way you can play minecraft offline now, by buying the game in stores, so yes, microsoft set it up that if you want this game in offline mode, you”ll need to buy it twice unless you never bought the digital copy. Not sure if your downloaded content will be there unless your online though. Microsoft really sucks, I”m on a deployment, hit a port and got some wi-fi, updated my minecraft game because it was bringing some of us fun in the middle of the ocean, and now we can”t even play it anymore. ­ you microsoft and if the makers of minecraft care then they would help us fight this fight.

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