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Minecraft players may have experienced the survival challenge of Skyblock maps before, but One Block Skyblock takes that challenge and ratchets it up even more.

Instead of providing players with a small island, including a chest and a tree to start them out in most cases, players spawn on top of a single regenerative grass block and must build their starting point entirely from scratch.

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The block that players initially stand on will regenerate into different materials. Players have to use what they are given to create their island in the sky while staying alive and carving out an existence.

The One Block Skyblock in Minecraft

Depending on the One Block Skyblock map, operation may be slightly different (Image via Mojang)

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Though not all One Block Skyblock maps are uniform in Minecraft, they serve the same general purpose. Players must break and essentially “upgrade” their starting block to build and expand. NPC generation tends to be handled automatically, and the Nether can typically be accessed after significant headway has been made.

One Block Skyblock maps can be found on many Minecraft seed and map sites and are available on the Minecraft Marketplace in Bedrock Edition. Moreover, a wide assortment of One Block Skyblock servers provides additional tweaks or quality of life improvements to enhance the multiplayer experience.

Adding other players to the mix for One Block Skyblock can be pretty helpful, especially for newer players who may not be familiar with how Skyblock maps typically operate.

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Regardless of where players decide to download their map, the experience can be tricky for those who aren't Minecraft veterans. Careful planning and resource management will be key similar to standard Skyblock maps, as making the wrong decision can leave a player without a resource or enough of one to make key structures for progression.

This can be addressed in multiplayer One Block servers with their in-game economies, but single-player maps lack this option and require tactful thinking to progress without losing precious materials.

Whether you want to try out a new survival experience or you're a pro at traditional Skyblock maps, One Block Skyblock presents a new way to play and enjoy a good challenge in Minecraft.

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