How To Play Splitscreen On Minecraft Xbox 360 Offline, How To Use Split

Since the Xbox 360 update (TU14) local multiplayer is no longer working for me. The message I get is that the profile doesn”t have a gold membership.For the record:1) I do have a gold account2) I”m only playing local multiplayer (split screen)3) I never needed two profiles with gold before the updateI”m hoping this is just a bug and will get fixed because I specifically bought the 360 version of MineCraft so my sons could play together easily. Unfortunately, this is exactly the type of money grubbing policy I can see Microsoft trying to pull off, so I”m a bit suspicious. Please let me know if anyone else experiences this issue because so far it seems like I”m alone (based on internet searches).

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To respond to my own post – I have a work around. You have to log-in as Guest when setting up the split screen game. It seems to only work when you first start the game (so if you have a game already open in single player, you can”t just add a second player). Furthermore, if you created local profile, which I had for both my sons, they will not work.Please let me know if any one else has the same behavior.


This sounds like an old bug from TU12, But we are playing in local split mode without a problem and none of us have a gold account.

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I have the same issue. I would play with my sisters before the update, and now it will now let but one player play at one time. Although, I don”t get a gold message. It just will not let local (offline) splitscreen work.

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We are having the same issue with split screen. My son used to play splitscreen all the time and he said after he did update it doesn”t work. I read online somewhere that settings in dashboard need to be set to video 1080pi. We did that and no change. I cleared the cache..something else I read. What else should I try?

I also looked to see if somehow HD was switched off on TV but I don”t see any kind of button.

my brother and i got the disc and have done all the correct things but it still will not work. we are desperate and have tried everything. Please help

Hey guys newb here. I was trying to play a local splitscreen game with my cousin and couldn”t get it to work either. I know this is probably just me but I disconnected my internet from the Xbox and it worked perfectly. For some reason being connected to the Internet wouldn”t allow me to play local splitscreen. Hope this helps anybody having problems.

I have a similar problem. After downloading the Halo Mashup pack, the game stopped loading in HD (hdmi connected) and multiplayer won”t work. All other 360 games work fine in HD. Weird. Tried deleting all game related data and didn”t help. Anyone have an idea on this one?

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