how to put a clock on the wall in minecraft

Clocks are time telling devices that display the current in-game position of the sun and the moon. Clocks only function properly in the Overworld.

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1 Obtaining 1.1 Crafting 1.2 Natural generation 1.3 Trading 2 Usage 2.1 Piglins 3 Data values 3.1 ID 4 Video 5 Achievements 6 Advancements 7 History 8 Gallery 9 Issues 10 Trivia 11 References

Natural generation

Item Structure Container Quantity Chance Java Edition Clock Ruined portal Chest 1 7.3% Shipwreck Map chest 1 7.7% Bedrock Edition Clock Ruined portal Chest 1 7.3% Shipwreck Map chest 1 7.7%


Expert-level librarian villagers have a 33.3% (1⁄3) chance to sell a single clock for 4 emeralds as part of their trades.‌

Expert-level librarian villagers have a 50% (1⁄2) chance to sell a clock for 5 emeralds.‌


The clock dial consists of two halves, a day side and a night side. The dial spins clockwise slowly to indicate the time of day, corresponding to the sun or moon”s actual position in the sky. The player is able to sleep a few seconds after the clock shows exactly dusk.

The dial can be read from a clock in any of its representations: held in a player”s hand, placed in any inventory or crafting grid, in an item frame, and even as a dropped item.

Because there is no day/night cycle in the Nether or the End, clocks do not work properly in these dimensions. Instead, the dial rotates rapidly and randomly, making them useless.


Piglins are attracted to clocks and run toward any clock on the ground, and inspect it for 6 to 8 seconds before putting it in their inventory.

Data values


Java Edition:

NameNamespaced IDFormTranslation key

Bedrock Edition:

NameNamespaced IDNumeric ID FormTranslation key


Note: This video doesn”t state that Clocks can be found in Buried Treasure, Shipwrecks, or Ruined Portals because the video was released in an earlier version.

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Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Gamerscore earned Trophy type (PS)


Oooh, shiny!Distract a Piglin using gold.Give a piglin a gold item while it is aggressive toward the player.30GSilver


Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Namespaced ID


Oh Shiny
Distract Piglins with gold NetherGive a piglin one of these 22 gold-related items in the #piglin_loved item tag while not wearing any golden armor:
Bell Block of Gold Clock Enchanted Golden Apple Gilded Blackstone Glistering Melon Slice Gold Ingot Gold Ore Golden Apple Golden Axe Golden Boots Golden Carrot Golden Chestplate Golden Helmet Golden Hoe Golden Horse Armor Golden Leggings Golden Pickaxe Golden Shovel Golden Sword Light Weighted Pressure Plate Nether Gold Ore
If this advancement is attempted while the player is wearing golden armor but piglin(s) are still aggressive toward them, the advancement does not trigger. Other gold-related items, if any, may be used, but are ignored for this advancement and by the piglin.nether/distract_piglin


Java Edition Alpha v1.2.0?


Added clocks. They have 228 visually distinct frames.


Unlike most items, the clock combines 2 textures, one being the actual clock, and the other being the dial. The player can change the clock”s texture without worrying about breaking the dial, as long as they do not change the transparency. Java Edition 1.3.112w21aLibrarian villagers now sell clocks for 10–11 emeralds. 1.513w02a


Clocks now, instead of combining two textures, use the new animation feature included in texture packs. As a result, they are considerably less precise, having only 64 frames. 1.814w02aLibrarian villagers now sell clocks for 10–12 emeralds. 1.915w31aClocks are now broken up into individual textures, instead of having every individual frame on one vertical strip like with animated textures. 1.1317w47aPrior to The Flattening, this item”s numeral ID was 347. 18w14aClocks can now be found in shipwreck map rooms. 1.1620w09aClocks can now be used to distract piglins.[1] 20w16aClocks now generate in ruined portal chests. Upcoming Java Edition 1.1720w48a


The texture of clocks has been changed to match the new gold ingot texture from the texture update. Pocket Edition Alpha v0.2.0


Added clocks. Clocks currently have no function or legitimate method of obtaining them. v0.8.0build 2Clocks are now functional and craftable.


The texture of clocks has been changed. Pocket Edition 1.0.4alpha villagers now sell clocks for 10-12 emeralds. Bedrock Edition 1.4.0beta can now be found inside map room chests in shipwrecks. 1.11.0beta has been changed, librarian villagers now have 1⁄3 chance to sell a clock for 4 emeralds as part of their trades. 1.16.0beta now generate in ruined portal chests. Legacy Console Edition TU1CU1 1.0 Patch 11.0.1


Added clocks. TU69 1.76 Patch 38Clocks can now be found in shipwreck map rooms. New Nintendo 3DS Edition 0.1.0


Added clocks.


Clock in the Item Frame on a wall in Player”s base, showing the night is near.

Early-game player holding a clock

A clock placed in an item frame

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Issues relating to “Clock” are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.


In Java Edition, a clock can be viewed under the item statistics page as long as one obtained a clock at some point. It can also be viewed in recipe book if the recipe for it has been unlocked. In Java Edition, the default resource pack for the clock contains 64 individual frames, each frame lasting about 18.75 seconds in real time (375 ticks) (1350 seconds (22 minutes, 30 seconds) in time). When the time of day changes suddenly, such as after sleeping or when /time is used, the clock dial spins rapidly to catch up. Although clocks do not function in the Nether or the End, the actual daylight cycle does continue.


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