Here'S How To Record Minecraft With Shadowplay With Forge

Hi all, I finally figured out how to record Minecraft videos on Shadowplay with Forge loaded.

Đang xem: How to record minecraft with shadowplay

For a bit of background, NVIDIA Shadowplay lets you record vanilla Minecraft videos, but for the last few months, I wasn't able to record while using Forge.

Anyway, if anyone else is having the same problem, here's how I resolved it:

1: Open NVIDIA control panel. Ensure that “Manage 3D settings” is highlighted on the “Select a task” box.

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2: In the “Program Settings” tab, select “Add”

3: Select “Java(TM) Platform SE Binary, and click “Add the selected program”

4: Back in the “Program Settings” tab, make sure the Java path is in the “Program to customize”. In option 2 (“Select the preferred graphics controller…”), set it to “Use Global settings (High performance NVIDIA processer).

5: Load up Minecraft using Forge. Open Shadowplay and record away!!!

Hope this helps some people, it was a problem that frustrated me for months.

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