how to remove abilities from action bar wow

Is there a way to move your skills around on your action bar? Everytime I try to move them it just tries to perform the action.

Đang xem: How to remove abilities from action bar wow

You probably have your action bars locked. Look in the menu for UI settings > Action bars > unlock them if you want to move skills. This used to be how it was done – shanodin Jun 2 “13 at 9:23

Try holding SHIFT while moving. – Sandokan Jun 2 “13 at 11:04
SAndokan that is the correct answer, I was going to post it as an answer until I saw your comment. Please post. – Ender Jun 2 “13 at 12:37

Hold shift and then click and drag the skill to another slot. If you want to remove one, hold shift and drag the skill to a empty spot on the screen.

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