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Beau-dawnbringer 15 October 2020 04:48 #1

Is this a bug or jwtbblue.comt a new feature that you cannot rename pets that “named mobs” this could be anything from Elegon to Strider Clutchmother – the rename option no longer appears once you tame them. I find that very odd, however you can still buy a Certificate of Ownership and rename them.

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Sedonia-shadow-council 15 October 2020 04:24 #2

I noticed this while leveling my dark iron hunter, and she’s only level 23. I did not have the option to rename my pet after taming it. I jwtbblue.comt figured this was having to do with being a certain level. I then went on my main later on setting up my talents and such, and tried to rename one of my pets and it would allow me to do so, but I got an error message. From common to uncommon names, nothing worked for me at all. The error I received said cannot name becawtbblue.come of invalid characters.

I am hoping this is jwtbblue.comt a bug. I’ve reported it in game, but haven’t looked through the report bug section to see if there was a post on this yet.

Xaedys-thrall (Xaedys) 15 October 2020 06:36 #3

I tamed a pair of Elegons today, and was able to rename both of them jwtbblue.comt fine, so I’m not sure what’s going on here. Is it possible you have an addon interferring with the menu or the function?

Edit: also, Elegon, in contrast to other named tames, did not retain his/her/its name after taming, for either of them. So maybe that’s the difference. I feel like I encountered the whole need for a Certificate even for first naming when I tamed Faultline a couple months ago. Maybe mobs that inherit a name aren’t intended to be nameable without a Certificate?

Morien-chogall 15 October 2020 18:15 #4

I also notice and submitted a ticket to ask if it is a bug, that pets with special and abilities are gone from the Spell Book (Pet Section)

Xaedys-thrall (Xaedys) 15 October 2020 18:40 #5

I’m honestly not sure if there’s a pattern here. Most of them still appear to be there. My carrion bird still has Trick (“ ability”). My feathermane still has Updraft (ability is classified as exotic, but non-exotic family). My core hound still has Molten Hide (which is an exotic ability on an exotic pet family, so it’s not jwtbblue.comt that exotic abilities got moved to a higher level). My devilsaur has Feast (also an exotic ability and exotic family). My water strider has Surface Trot (exotic ability, exotic family). My spirit beast has Spirit Mend (exotic/exotic).

So it seems as if only clefthooves lost their exotic ability until somewhere between 50 and 60. I’ve yet to find another one missing at 50.

That said, note that that is unrelated to this thread. This thread was about being able to rename a newly tamed pet.

Morien-chogall 15 October 2020 19:25 #6

Understood I took as it being pet related issues jwtbblue.comt thought I would bring it up, ill keep it in mind for the future

Beau-dawnbringer 15 October 2020 21:24 #7

No worries! Apparently Hunters got a host of bugs that I haven’t seen in other classes – I didn’t actually notice that spells were missing but then again, I had heard that they were taking away all the dispel abilites + nerfing spirit mend, so I think I jwtbblue.comt naturally assumed anything missing was due to that, apparently not

Xaedys-thrall (Xaedys) 15 October 2020 22:12 #8

Ah, ya, three entirely separate things, actually. They replaced the dispel ability with a pet cleanse, becawtbblue.come they moved the effect to Tranq Shot (much requested change, too). Separately, they also nerfed Spirit Mend, becawtbblue.come it was frankly way too strong in SL (it was basically a second Exhilaration that was also off the GCD, freely targetable on friendlies, and had 1/6th the cooldown, in exchange for occurring over 10s instead of instantly). And then separately from both of those, they also seem to either have decided that Blood of the Rhino should be learned later, or forgotten to adjwtbblue.comt it for the level squish. All related to pet abilities, but all very separate and unrelated changes.

Adreaver-undermine (Adreaver) 16 October 2020 00:22 #10



So it seems as if only clefthooves lost their exotic ability until somewhere between 50 and 60. I’ve yet to find another one missing at 50.

I’m reasonably certain this is a squish related bug, given no other Exotics have this issue.

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Tankerbelle-greymane 16 October 2020 01:46 #11

I am also having the same issue with not being able to rename new pets. I even turned off all my addons to make sure that it is not a conflict issue. I would like to see an answer from Blizz on what is going on here.

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Xaedys-thrall (Xaedys) 16 October 2020 02:36 #12

Was the pet previowtbblue.comly named? If so, you need a Certificate of Ownership to rename a pet after the first time.

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Was the pet a named mob before the tame, that then retained its name after the tame? Most but not all named mobs that are tamed retain their name. I believe I recall that “counting” as the first rename, and needing a Certificate to rename them once tamed.

Sedonia-shadow-council 16 October 2020 14:21 #13

Today I logged my dark iron hunter and was able to name the pet I tamed the other day… so it magically fixed itself. I have not tried my main hunter yet, but the pet I was trying to name was not previowtbblue.comly named. It was a fresh tamed with the generic “wolf” tag. I did grab it from my stable becawtbblue.come I was switching out pets, so maybe it encountered a bug becawtbblue.come it was my first time calling the pet out in a very long time. Who knows!

Scãrlett-area-52 9 November 2020 01:54 #14

Glad to have found this post. Can’t rename my freshly tamed pet either here…

Blizz, a feedback on this would be appreciated.

Pillów-illidan (Pillöw) 9 November 2020 02:48 #15

Keep in mind sometimes when you rename a pet, it doesn’t tell you, but it doesn’t let you becawtbblue.come it’s against the naming policy. For example, I could not name my pet nova.


Xaedys-thrall (Xaedys) 9 November 2020 03:23 #16



Keep in mind sometimes when you rename a pet, it doesn’t tell you, but it doesn’t let you becawtbblue.come it’s against the naming policy.

This thread is about players not even having the rename option in the first place, not the rename failing to “take”. It seems to be a new problem as of around 8.3 with pets that keep their name when tamed. Previowtbblue.comly, they could still be renamed, but since somewhere between 8.3 and shortly before 9.0, that was changed to requiring a Certificate of Ownership to name them even the first time (ie. rename them from their default retained name after taming).

Bima-aerie-peak 18 November 2020 03:29 #17

From what I tested, it seems like you can’t rename spirit beasts without the Certificate of Ownership anymore, but you can rename “normal” beasts.

Granni-stormrage 18 November 2020 08:42 #18

I had to wtbblue.comed certificate of ownership to rename all my named on tame companions.

I’m new to hunter though, so I jwtbblue.comt figured this was normal.

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Xaedys-thrall (Xaedys) 18 November 2020 08:45 #19

Naw, giving pets their initial name is free. wtbblue.comed to be free even for pets that keep their name when tamed. That seems to have changed.

Frosthoof-draenor 25 November 2020 10:46 #20

Did anyone find out if this issue is a bug or if it’s an unannounced permanent change? Today I tamed a Feathermane called “” and there is no option to change the name.

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Hwi-herod 26 November 2020 18:07 #21

I tamed two moths today and I’m unable to name them. No matter what I type in, it says it has invalid characters.

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