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It would be awesome if there was a way to re-roll the enchantments you get on weapons and gear.  I was thinking it could cost a enchantment point and possibly some emeralds.  I have picked up some unique gear and the enchantments have not been what I wanted and was wishing there was a way I can “re-roll” for new enchantments on gear. 



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Đang xem: How to reroll enchantments minecraft

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This would be a great idea as I wouldn”t have to salvage every single item I get until I get my specific enchantment that I want in Dungeons.

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I think that”s a good idea, however, I don”t think it should be free.  Maybe it should cost an enchantment point.

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Having this cost an enchantment point could be interesting because of increasing xp costs per enchantment level. It could make mid-game much more valuable and worth investing in instead of rushing to end game and getting bored by grinding immediately. I”m not sure if it would be a good idea to take just an enchantment point or if it would take both an enchantment point and reduce your player level accordingly, but I think it would be most interesting if it were the latter.

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getting the right 3 enchants on a unique item seems impossible. If you could spend 1 enchantment point or something to re-roll, would be awesome

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i don”t think it should be exp because in my experience you get a level around once per stage which is around 30 minutes so you get one re-roll every 30 minutes and that is not being spent on gear. so ether a new currency or lots and lots of emeralds. I also think that it does not work on weapons that are enchanted (or without some cost to it) . I see it as when you enchant a weapon it becomes part of you in a way as it”s your levels and (because trading does not exist in this game) only you can use it.

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1. It would save us dungeoneers a lot of time if we are given somehow an ability to reroll enchantments! Perhaps it would cost 10k emralds or a rare drop from a specific mob, maybe even after completing a super hard level. Grinding for the right weapon consume(s) days or perhaps even weeks to finally get, let alone farming for the right weapon and the right enchantments at that. (Which usually just discourages me and the people I play with to feel no need to grind the game out just because of how time consuming it can be).

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maybe it would cost x3 the sell value of the item and if there are enchantments on it it would still reroll but you lose the enchantment points used

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Yes yes a million times Yes. this would be valueble. they already have one that rerolls the power on items. it would make since to get a friendly witch or a liberarian to reroll enchants.


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I was thinking about how they could give more options to spend enchantment points as I am now level 250 so nothing to spend them on.

I think a better way to implement this idea, player pays 5 enchantment points which would allow you to purchase an extra slot option and 10 points for a second enchantment option to an existing slot. This would mean a maxed out weapon would still only have 3 different enchantments slots but each slot could have up to 5 enchantment options to choose from.

When the item is gifted or sold enchantment points spent are returned an item gets reset.

if the item is put in the blacksmith and re-enchanted again by the same player the enchantment options should not change. Using the blacksmith should not allow you to endlessly swap out enchantment options

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Why not use the Splatoon system where when you reroll, the current slots will reroll (if you only have 5 filled, only those 5 can reroll). The current enchantment will drop as enchant fragments. If you get 10 enchant fragments you can the make it replace a current slot or an empty slot.

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The payment can be:
-2000 emerald
-the new gold ingot from the Nether update
-gilded gears
-unique + emeralds

I don”t suggest payment via enchant points because the amount of xp needed for 1 enchant point increases as you level up.

P/S: payment via gears should also increase the odds of the enchantment of the sacrificed gear to appear on the rerolled gear. That way we have some control over the chance.

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