how to reset a dungeon in wow

A guide to lockouts and resets in WoW, and how this affects raids, dungeons, rare NPC spawn timers and any type of content that has a time-lock.

Weekly Resets

These are set times when the week”s progress is reset to its default state. This in turn gives us clean lockouts for raids and dungeons, available progress for weekly quests, resets for rare NPC spawn timers and in general, any type of content in game that has a weekly reward associated with it.

Weekly resets on US realms occur at 8 AM Pacific Time, every Tuesday.
Weekly resets on EU realms occur at 8 AM Central European Time, every Wednesday.


Ulduar, Siege of Orgrimmar and raids released in Warlords and Draenor and Legion can be completed multiple times on Normal and Heroic difficulty, although any consecutive kills in the same week won”t reward any loot.

Every other raid from Vanilla, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria can only be completed once a week, due to the raid preventing a manual reset from occurring unless it”s the Weekly Reset.

In order to check which raids you have cleared and which bosses you have or haven”t killed in the current week, you can press "O" which will open a menu that will let you then navigate to the "Raid" tab, where you will find a "Raid Info" button in the top right corner of the window.


Each Warfront’s cycle is completely independent from the other, and players are able to contribute to either Warfront without impacting the other.

The cycle consists of 3 phases (Contributions, Siege, Patreon) and you can read more about it in the Warfronts Guide.

You can track the progress of each Warfront on the front page of or in game, to see which phase each Warfront is in.

World Bosses

Each week, a new World Boss will be active for 7 days. You can see which World Boss is active by opening up your map or by checking the front page of By doing so you will also see the time remaining until it disappears/despawns. Certain World Bosses are more sought after than others. For instance in Legion, some give hidden artifact appearances. Although, mostly people kill World Bosses for their usual rewards which are either Artifact Power, Gold or Order Resources.

Mythic Dungeons

Mythic dungeons only give loot once per week, however they can be completed multiple times. One of the reasons why some players run a mythic dungeon multiple times is usually during the Dungeon Bonus Event, which offers a quest with the requirement being the completion of 4 dungeons on Mythic difficulty.

Weekly PvP

Getting 1500 honor in 2v2 and 3v3 arenas, and 10v10 rated battlegrounds every week awards you with an item based on your highest rating from the previous week.

It”s important to note that the weekly PvP quest is hidden, but you can check on your progress by pressing "H", selecting PvP and then the "Rated" tab, and then mousing over the star icon.

Pet Battle Dungeon

Pet Battle Dungeons are similar to regular dungeons, but with one important difference; instead of progressing through the dungeon by the means of killing mob/boss NPCs, you will have to progress through a series of pet battles by defeating all the pet NPCs in the dungeon. These dungeons have 2 different modes, Normal and Challenge. In the normal mode, you can heal your pets and slowly progress through the dungeon. In the challenge mode, similarly to the Celestial Tournament, you are unable to heal any pets until you exit the dungeon. Currently, there are 3 dungeons available: The Wailing Caverns, The Deadmines and Gnomeregan.

Legion Archaeology

Every two weeks, a different legion archaeology quest will be available. Completing 6 of them will reward the This Side Up achievement, which unlocks an artifact appearance.
Although, bear in mind that in case you don”t manage to complete one of these quests in time, you won”t be able to get that specific rewards for at least 6 months, so you don”t want to miss them.

Apart from unlocking an artifact appearance, which is its own reward, there are a few item rewards from archaeology quests that are noteworthy and should be mentioned:
Starlight BeaconSpirit of Eche”roKey to Nar”thalas AcademyCrystalline Eye of Undravius

Daily Resets

Unlike weekly resets, daily resets happen every morning so that the servers can reset everything that is of lower magnitude (quests, dungeons, NPCs), as opposed to for instance raids, which require weekly resets.

Daily resets on US realms occur at 8 AM Pacific Time.
Daily resets on EU realms occur at 9 AM Central European Time.

Daily Quests

Daily quests, as the name suggests, are repeatable quests which can be completed (you guessed it) once per day. They differ from regular quests for their rewards as well, because they offer a variety of rewards like reputation, currency and similar. They are also tied not only to questing, but to professions, instances and battlegrounds as well.


Each day, a new Emissary will offer bonus rewards for completing 4 quests for a particular Legion faction.

You can see what Emissary is active by opening up your map, or by checking the front page of By doing so, you will also see the time remaining until it disappears.

Either way, each Emissary stays up for 3 days, so you don”t need to worry about logging on every day in fear that you”re going to miss the Emissary.


In the 7.3 patch, six new individual reputations were added, similar to Margoss and Nat Pagle: Ilyssia of the Waters, Corbyn, Akule Riverhorn, Impus, Sha”leth, and Keeper Raynae. Bringing all of these reputations to their maximum level will award the Fisherfriend of the Isles achievement, which unlocks two fishing artifact colors.

Only one is active per day, and these NPCs will remain up for around 5 minutes after the dailies reset, so you can safely fish until you see the reset, then turn in.


Xur”ios is a reference to the online FPS game Destiny. He always sells 6 items: the 5 profession recipes are fixed (always available) and the last item changes from day to day:
Arcadian War TurtleBoon of the NetherKrota”s ShieldIngram”s PuzzleGjallar”s “Horn”Mote of Light

Heroic dungeons

Heroic dungeon can be specifically queued for once per day. However, you are able to do the same dungeon more than once per day by using the LFG tool to queue up for a Random Heroic Dungeon.

Legacy Heroic dungeons can sometimes be a little bit painful due to the daily reset requirement in order to get loot, in case you are grinding for one of the sought-after mounts like the Armored Razzashi Raptor and the Swift Zulian Panther from Zul”Gurub, or the Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake from Utgarde Pinnacle. This limits your character to be able to run the dungeon in hopes of the mount dropping only once a day (although you can always bypass this by having an alt army).

Normal dungeons

It is known that there is a soft-cap for the number of dungeons per hour per server, which is 10. You might be farming something like the Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake from The Stonecore and you reach your soft-cap. You can easily bypass this by having a character/s on another realm which you can then take to farm whilst the soft-cap is lifted from your previous character/s.

World Events

Weekly Events

Bonus Weekly Events rotate randomly. You can check which week hosts which event by checking your in-game calendar. The nice thing about these events is that at least one of them will suit players, based on what they enjoy doing in WoW (PvE or PvP content, Questing or Pet Battling).

For more info about bonus weekly events click on the toggler below or check”s Guide to Weekly Bonus Events.

Timewalking Dungeon Event
These include dungeons from the previous expansions where the players are scaled down to the dungeons” level and are required to complete them like any current dungeons. The timewalking events include the Outland Timewalking, Northrend Timewalking, Cataclysm Timewalking and Pandaria Timewalking dungeon events. Players are offered a weekly quest to complete 5 timewalking dungeons in order to get a cache with an item from the most recent raid on normal difficulty, as well as a seal which allows bonus rolling in current content instances. The exception being that the Outland and Northrend Timewalking Events also include one timewalking raid (The Black Temple and Ulduar respectively).
Legion Dungeon Event
During this event, the final boss of every Legion dungeon drops an additional item upon defeated. Additionally, players are offered a weekly quest to complete 4 dungeons on Mythic difficulty, in order to receive a cache with an item from the most recent raid on normal difficulty. (These dungeons can also be done on Mythic+ difficulty.)
Arena Skirmish Event
During this event, you will get a 50% increase in honor gain by completing Random Arena Skirmishes (which is a form of unranked PvP). Additionally, players are offered a weekly quest to win 10 arena skirmishes, in order to receive a cache of gear.
Battlegrounds Event
During this event, you will get a 50% increase in honor gain by completing Random Battlegrounds. Additionally, players are offered a weekly quest to win 4 battlegrounds, in order to receive a cache of gear.
World Quests Event
During this event, completing Legion World Quests will reward bonus reputation with the appropriate faction. Additionally, players are offered a weekly quest to complete 20 World Quests, in order to receive x5000 Order Resources.
Pet Battle Event
During this event, you will get a 200% increase in experience gain for pets, which is your go-to week to level pets to level 25. Additionally, players are offered a weekly quest to win 5 PvP Pet Battles, in order to receive a Ultimate Battle-Training Stone which boosts the selected pet”s level to 25 on use.

PvP Brawl

PvP brawls happen every two weeks and they last for one week. They are designed to alter the regular playstyle of battlegrounds by giving them a dose of unpredictability.
There is a variety of brawls such as the Instant-Cap Warsong Gulch, Packed House, Gravity Lapse, Winter Arathi Basin and Eye of the Horn.
Instant-Cap Warsong Gulch – where a team can capture the enemy flag even if their flag is not present in their base.

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Packed House – a 15 vs 15 Arena match.

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Gravity Lapse – an unpredictable law of gravity within the Eye of the Storm.

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Winter Arathi Basin – a low field-of-view with the water being frozen within Arathi Basin. Why? Blizzard.Eye of the Horn – an Eye of the Eternity arena where players are mounted on a ram, which can send other players flying with a headbutt.

Darkmoon Faire

The Darkmoon Faire starts on the first Sunday of every month at 00:01 and ends 7 days later at 23:59, before midnight of the 8th day.

Apart from a lot of daily quests, mini-games and world bosses which reward achievements, and currency for mounts, toys and pets, the Darkmoon Faire offers profession-based weekly (read monthly) quests, which includes (but is technically not limited to) 2 primary profession and 4 secondary profession quests. As stated, it is technically possible to do more than 2 primary profession quests if you were to drop your current professions and pick up two different ones (with the requirement of having at least +75 skill in that profession). These quests are also referred to as the Faire Favors (due to the achievement they reward), and completing any profession quests (primary or secondary) rewards you with a +5 skill-up in that profession, as well as +250 reputation with the Darkmoon Faire.

For a list of the Faire Favors and for a complete breakdown of the Darkmoon Faire, visit”s Darkmoon Faire Guide which is an amazingly detailed and in-depth analysis of the Darkmoon Faire.

Holidays and Micro Holidays

Other World Events such as the Midsummer Fire Festival, Brewfest, Feast of Winter Veil, etc., start one hour after the daily reset and can last anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks. Some world events end earlier than the daily reset timer, thus it”s recommended that you check the calendar to be informed about it.

Micro-holidays are small holidays, not tied to any meta-achievement, that celebrate different parts of Azeroth”s culture and history such as Call of the Scarab.
Each micro holidays starts and ends at a different time, and you can check our World Event Guides for more info about them.

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